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Sandman Mystery Theatre: A New To The Moon Episode

Dream life-exploring adventure/RPG To The Moon was one of John's favourite reasons to cry in 2011, and perhaps the same will prove true in 2012. Free Bird Games' IGF nominee is to see a brand new episode added, and ahead of that will arrive on Steam next week.

September 7th is the Steam release date, lead dev Kan Gao reveals, and apparently players who've previously bought the game via other channels will be granted a Steam key for it so long as they manually request one.

As for the new episode, there's no release date as yet but last month FBG offered that "The life will be that of a new patient; however, there's always a chance to see some familiar faces since the story takes place in past memories."

If you need a cry sooner than that, here's an alternate version of one of Laura Shigihara's songs from the game, released in Feb.

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