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Impostor Factory closes out To The Moon with a "bonkers time-loop tragicomedy"

Dabbing into orbit

Impostor Factory, the closing act of pixellated memory-hopper To The Moon, is starting out on some bizarre feat. Matt was sceptical after the teaser dropped this March with nothing but a lady with an umbrella and the promise of "a series of bloody murders."

Was that scepticism earned? Maybe? Freebird Games released their first full trailer for Impostor Factory today and like, yeah. It's daft. It's full of dabbing. But maybe, behind the goofs and gaffs, there'll be some well-earned closure for the tear-jerking lunar odyssey.

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To The Moon was beautiful, melancholy, a heart-wrenching story about death and memory that really had very little to do with that big pale rock in the sky. It brought John Walker (RPS in peace) to tears in his To The Moon review. Sequel Finding Paradise wasn't held quite as highly, but it was still a bloody good follow-up.

Naturally, Impostor Factory wraps things up with what they call a "bonkers time-loop tragicomedy murder mystery thriller involving multiple casualties and a suspicious cat". Okay. Freebird do insist that this is part of the To The Moon series (acting as Episode X), and we get a few recurring characters, but they note that the connection is "suspiciously avoided."

Maybe that's all the distance it needs to get away with all that dabbing and murder, though the trailer does take some time at the end to calm down. To The Moon balanced its laffs and its tears well enough, and here's hoping Freebird are able to pull off this bizarre closing act without completely losing what was so charming about the series to begin with.

This'll probably be the last time we go back into orbit, too. The devs claim Impostor Factory will probably mark "the end of an era for Freebird Games and the To the Moon series," whatever that means.

Impostor Factory will hit Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store in late 2020

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