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To The Moon Sequel Finding Paradise Due Summer 2017

Prepare to cry

To the Moon follow-up Finding Paradise [official site] will launch in summer 2017, creator Kan Gao now says. He was a bit hazy on that when he announced the tearjerk 'em up earlier this year, unsure whether it'd launch this year or next. He's seemed set on summer 2017 for a while but hey, I've only just noticed so you likely haven't either.

In these uncertain times I can't say for certain what will drive the social currency of 2017 - the vibrancy of your Union Jack jacket, perhaps, or how many teeth you've ripped from the jaws of foes. But maybe it'll be a return to the simpler time of 2011, when the coolest kids were those who cried most at To the Moon.

"I was crying in the first scene," your mate boasted.

"I was weeping by the title screen," another shouted over them. They leaned back, confident in their one-upmanship.

"I cried this entire bucket of tears while playing," another added, whipping out their phone to show snaps of a grotty cement bucket filled with indeterminate cloudy fluid.

"That's nothing. Check this: I wept an entire bathtub," a fourth piped up. You bit your tongue and didn't question the rich bubblebath.

To the Moon and Finding Paradise, to briefly recap, are about scientists who fiddle with the memories of dying people. They visit them on their deathbeds, rewriting their lives to correct mistakes and missed opportunities so they can die without regret. Bless.

Our John flipping adored To the Moon, though he really disliked the side-tale A Bird Story before gushing over To the Moon's second 'minisode'. Me? Mate, I haven't played any of them. I'm more into, idk, pretending I'm so cool and collected by forcing an emotional distance which transforms anything that might potentially draw tears into A SOURCE OF TERROR. That's what cool kids do.

Finding Paradise is coming in summer 2017 to basically any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer built this millennium. Kan Gao has floated a summer release window before but now it's on a Steam page so it must be true.

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