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To The Moon sequel Finding Paradise out December 14th

It was all a dream...

I can’t check my inbox without being slapped in the face with press releases about games threatening to make me cry and feel grotesque human emotions. It’s awful. To the Moon and Finding Paradise developer Freebird Games feels the same way, which is why it’s now introducing 2 the Moon, a definitely real sci-fi adventure with loot boxes and monsters and all the things video game boys and girls love. Watch the heart-pounding trailer below.

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Freebird is also boldly taking on Call of Duty WWII. 2 the Moon will be filled to the brim with all the sort of weapons you’d miss out on by playing the World War 2 shooter. “The weaponry we’re including is much more advanced than the ones found in Call of Duty WWII,” says Freebird Games director Kan Gao. “It’s at least several decades newer.”

The weapons will be hidden in the game’s files because guns are actually quite dangerous.

Oh yeah, and I guess Finding Paradise, an inferior game about feelings and giving people the opportunity to live out their dreams while on their deathbed, now has a release date. It’s due out on Steam on December 14. Finding Paradise sees Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts once again helping a patient through their dreams, though you don’t need to have played the first game to make sense of it. Despite the returning characters, it’s a standalone experience.

Here’s what John made of the first game in his To the Moon review:

To The Moon takes on old age, regret, mental health, and love. It’s about the role of ambition versus reality, and what’s worth sacrificing. It’s a properly funny comedy, and a hanky-requiring tragedy. Games this effective are rare beasts, and when it’s disguised by such simple graphics (albeit with wonderful animation, and such detail), old-school Japanese RPG presentation (something it brilliantly jokes about very early on), no voice acting, nor photo-realistic expressions, it’s something of a feat.

Freebird isn’t doing pre-orders -- hurray! -- so you’ll need to wait until the 14th to pick Finding Paradise up.

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