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Totally Recollected: Remember Me

Piece together your memories of recent third-person action games. There might be some Assassin's Creed in there, with the vertical running and the preposterous urban navigation. How about a change in pace courtesy of adventuresome puzzles, simple but functional, a break from the business of leaping, climbing, punching and kicking? The punching and kicking might well involve combos, the player character sliding and somersaulting from one enemy to another and acrobatically facing down overwhelming odds. There have already been large chunks of Remember Me on display and the latest video, shown at TGS, is all about the custom combos of an Arkhamic combat system.

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Custom combos could be nifty but they may detract from the smooth flow that is the most pleasing part of man-punching. I like my violent assaults to be as smooth as silk.

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