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Remember Me, I'm The One That Kicked You In The Eyes

Capcom apparently first announced Remember Me at GamesCom last year, but ironically most of the internet doesn't remember that and has treated it like a new reveal today. Regardless, we have a trailer to watch, a confirmation that it's on PC as well as the consoletoys, an elaboration on the Total Recall-esque story (but set in 'Neo-Paris' rather getting its ass to Mars), and a lead female character with kung-fu skills, mismatched gloves, brain-tapping abilities and clipped English tones shouting stuff like "WHO ERASED MY MEMORY?" and "I'M THE HUNTER! WHY AM I BEING HUNTED?' It's perhaps our answer to the question "what if Inception was penned by the writer of the Wicker Man remake?"

Dialogue aside, it looks pretty snazzy/frenzied.

Cover image for YouTube video

OH SILLY ME. Try this one:

Cover image for YouTube video

If I'm not me, who da hell am I?

That's due out next May, and here's your blurb. "In Remember Me, players assume the role of Nilin, an elite memory hunter who is not only incredibly athletic and trained in martial arts, but also has the special ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even change their memories. When her own memory is erased, Nilin begins her journey to reclaim her identity and discover how she can change the world."

Nilin, eh? Nil like 'nothing', presumably, because she's a blank slate and that. I think they should have called her "Madame Zero."

We also heard at the Capcom GamesCom presser this was shown at that Lost Planet 3 and DmC are both PC-bound too. The former is "early 2013" and the latter lands January on console but "later in the year" on Winders.

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