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Now You Remember Me, Now You Don't

The reason, of course, that the hypothetical "you" in this scenario no longer Remembers Me is that you're unconscious. You were trying to chase hypothetical me down, I think, but then I used my cyberpunk Power Glove to overload your brain. Also, I did a bunch of flips and narrowly escaped a bullet-spewing helicopter at every turn. Seriously, we're out of turns now, because I used them all up. So, in this hypothetical situation, who am I? You may be devastatingly shocked to find out that I'm the main character from Capcom's Remember Me. Don't let me blow your mind with this revelation, though. As evidenced by ten new minutes of action-heavy footage, that'd be very, very bad for you.

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OK, so dialog probably won't be this one's strong suit. Beyond that, this snippet is much more Assassin's Creed than the previous, shockingly stirring bout of mental meddling. And on principle, I certainly don't mind that, but the execution here looks... questionable. Running and clambering look nowhere near as smooth as in Ubisoft's eagle-scream-powered opus, and the basics of combat seem a bit stiff as well. Granted, the special powers seem like they could be interesting, although the ones displayed here just seem like variations on brain grenade - which sounds far cooler in writing than in practice.

I also have to echo Craig's fear of thinly veiled linearity, seeing as the helicopter chase, especially, seems to crib more notes from, say, Uncharted than even AC. Speaking of, a sidenote: that poor helicopter pilot. I feel like, if I managed to miss every single time while expending such a torrential total of bullets, I wouldn't even be able to look at myself in the mirror the next day. I mean, honestly, maybe it's time to find a new job. I've seen Storm Troopers who are better shots. Dead ones.

Anyway, Remember Me! There's promise here, but I'm pretty wary at this point. We'll see. If nothing else, it's more cyberpunk - which I'm all for - but of the current crop, Watch Dogs' methodical approach fascinates me far more. Maybe Remember Me still has an ace or two up its gray-matter-melting digi-sleeve, though. It's out in May 2013, so there's certainly plenty of time.

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