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Far Cry 3's Maddest Baddies Wax Diabolical

Far Cry 3's villains sure do like to talk. It seems to be something of a pattern: you fight, they tweak their mustaches and monologue ominously, and then you end up tied to a sinking cinder block or on fire or something along those lines. Yet you always live to fight another day and begin the cycle anew. It forces me to wonder: is it all intentional? Maybe Vaas and his strappingly Saxton-Hale-esque pal Buck just want someone to talk to. Or perhaps they just need someone to listen. Can you be that person? Can you give them the verbal hug their parents never did and then verbally attend their piano recital and play catch with them in the park? If not, Far Cry 3's third villain - every tiger in the entire jungle - won't talk, but will still try to kill you. So there's something for everybody. Observe after the break.

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They seem pretty charming, right? Vaas definitely seems to be taking center stage, but I'm glad he's not the only brand of crazy we'll be encountering during our stay on Far Cry 3's island. Buck strikes me as a little more hands-on in his approach - by which I mean he usually has his hands on knives and... other regions. I bet he's great fun at parties. And the tigers, well, they're tigers. I imagine they will act accordingly.

Far Cry 3's headed for our virtual shores on November 29th. You can view its rather formidable system specs now, though, if you'd like. Is your PC enough of a beast to handle it? Or is your machine the greatest beast of them all: man?

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