November 2013 Archive

    1. Inside At Last: Thief Is Fifteen Today
    1. Week in Tech: The Case for a New PC
    2. Speccy Jam Revives Spectrum Games In A Week
    3. I Will Never Be This Creative In EverQuest Next Landmark
    4. Prison Architect Alpha 15 Locked Up By The Mod Squad
    5. Frosty The Snowman: Charlie Brooker, Games And TV
    6. Give8-Bit Collates Videogame Charity Campaigns
    7. Down In The Bonehoard: Ossuary
    8. RPS Brings You Exclusive Kipling: The Mandate
    9. The Flare Path: Must Tri Harder
    10. Such WoW, So Movie: World Of Wacraft Film Delayed
    11. Motocross My Heart: MXGP
    12. Hex-A-Decimate: Drums Of War Beta
    13. Why Won't You Just Love EA?
    14. Tales Of Tehran: 1979 Revolution - Black Friday
    1. Wot I Think: Redshirt
    2. Soon Among Us: Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf
    3. Wot I Think: Elder Sign - Omens
    4. Larkin About: Papo & Yo Available For $1
    5. The RPS Super Uplifting And Helpful Holiday Buyer's Guide
    6. Attention Citizens: RPS Social Club Convenes Tomorrow
    7. Ruff: Overgrowth Puts On Some Weight, Adds Dogs
    8. Watch Meer Lose His Thief Cherry, 15 Years Too Late
    9. Battlestart: The Mandate Hits Crowdfunding Goal
    10. Pricking A Pirate's Conscience: Back In Black Flag
    11. We Like Short Shorts: Saxxy 2013 Winners Announced
    12. Ready For My Closeup: Cockpits And VR In Elite: Dangerous
    13. Wow: Ashes Cricket 2013 Cancelled AFTER Release
    14. Shhhhhhhhhhhh: Clandestine Announced
    15. Keen Thinking: MURI
    16. Humble Bundle Humbly Offers Its Own Autumn Sale
    1. Barbie Dreamhouse Party Creeps The Crap Out Of Me
    2. Renegade X Commands, Nay Conquers, Your Attention
    3. Most Logical: Kickstarted Pathologic Remake On The Cards
    4. Cerulean Wednesday: Steam Autumn Sale Begins
    5. If Global.GameMaker_Is_Free = 1 { Script_Execute(Download)
    6. Wot I Think: Risk Of Rain
    7. Let Slip The Increasingly Hairy Dogs Of Modern Warfare
    8. Lego Car Wars: Build A Rolling, Disastrous Gunwall In Scraps
    9. Stalin vs Martians vs Common Sense
    10. InXile On Date, Length, And Expansion Of Wasteland 2's Beta
    11. Catacomb Kids Will Win You Over Within 55 Seconds
    12. Night Rider Turbo Is The Surgeon Sim 2013 Of Driving
    13. The Walking Dead, And The Walking Alive: The Narrow Path
    14. Waking Mars Devs Reveal Spider: Rite Of Shrouded Moon
    15. DF On Stacking And Costume Quest: 'Anything Is Possible'
    1. Cardboard Children: Christmas Shopping Part One
    2. The Sacrificial Limb: LISA - The Painful RPG
    3. Impressions: Paper Sorcerer
    4. Starbound is Betabound, Landing Around Dec 4th
    5. All Fun And Games: Diplopia, A VR Game For Treating Eyes
    6. No Party Like A Spaceship Party: EVE Fanfest 2014 Details
    7. Metaphysical Mystery Tour: Moebius
    8. The Steam Clears From iBuyPower's SteamOS Machine
    9. Extra Time: Football Manager Interview Part 2
    10. Star Citizen Smashes $31m, Squadron 42 Enhanced
    11. Ashes Cricket 2013 Pulled From Steam, Hilariously Awful
    12. Betacritic: Valve Adds Community-Powered Steam Reviews
    13. Special - Saints Row IV: How The Saints Save Christmas
    14. Typing Of The Dead Lets You Kill Zombies With Shakespeare
    1. Talk Of The Terrace: Football Manager Interview
    2. Brazilian Bundle: Super BR Jam
    3. Gold, Gambling, And Getting The Most Out Of Hearthstone
    4. Fallen Empires: The Age Of Decadence
    5. Paper Sorcerer Is Out, Demoed, Rather Pretty
    6. There And Block Again: Lego - The Hobbit
    7. It's All Over: FIFA Manager 14 Is The Last In The Series
    8. Garry On Garry's Mod's Endlessly Rising Sales Figures
    9. One Down, Your Dumb Password: Adobe Crossword
    10. Take A Bow: Ms. Male Character Explored
    11. New Drox Operative: Invasion Of The Ancients Trailers
    12. Ninja Edit: Vlambeer Clone Tycoon
    13. Remembering The Realms: Civ V Faerun Mod
    14. Doubleplusgood: Gridrunner++ Now Available Free
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Live Free Play Hard: The Theme Is Vegetable Murder
    1. Of Heals And Heels: Team Fortress 2's Two Cities Update
    2. Bugbear Cans Next Car Game Kickstarter, Releases Demo
    3. Hoorage! - RAGE Free To Play All Weekend
    1. RE: That Heroes Of The Storm Interview
    2. Seismic: John Carmack Officially Leaves id Software
    3. Blizzard On Heroes Of The Storm, Female Designs In MOBAs
    4. Space Hulk Dusts Itself Off And Tries An Expansion Or Two
    5. Impressions: Consortium
    6. Barney's Misadventure: Crying Is Not Enough
    7. Wot I Think: Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon...
    8. Indiesaurus: Dino Run 2's Indie Guests
    9. Interview: James McVinnie, Director Of End Of The Line
    10. inXile's Torment Over Pause-Time or Turn-Based
    11. The Flare Path: Hurls Demo Charges
    12. Mourning Glory: The Shivah - Kosher Edition
    13. Doctor Whoodle
    14. Lengthy PvZ: Garden Warfare Video Reveals DOLPHIN GUN
    15. Oregon Frail: The Banner Saga's Brutal Journey
    16. Lord Of The Rumors: Telltale's Game Of Thrones Game
    1. RPS Exclusive: SteamWorld Dig Coming To PC!
    2. I Wrote Some Beat Poetry About Nuclear Throne...
    3. Week in Tech: The PC is Doomed, Long Live the PC!
    4. Looking For Minyans: Jason The Greek
    5. Interview: Aurora, The 4X Sci-Fi Dwarf Fortress
    6. This Is Living (Room): Steam In-Home Streaming Beta Soon
    7. Blood Bowl II Wants To Show You Its Grass
    8. Nightcrawler In A Cowboy Hat: WildStar's Spellslinger
    9. Wot I Think: X Rebirth
    10. Closure Dev's Next Is About Bombs, Not Like Closure At All
    11. Coulrophobia Begone: Devolver To Publish Dropsy
    12. Sentris Selebrates Its Funding With A Free Prototype For You
    13. Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Beta (Kinda) Begins
    14. The Empire Strikes A Deal: 10 Years Of EA Star Wars Games
    1. The Suite Science: Paul Weir Talks Generative Music
    2. Seeking Spacebucks: Astrobase Command Kickstarter
    3. Interview: Spector On Cartoons, Cyberpunk And Failure
    4. How To Be A Complete Jostle Bastard
    5. Wot I Think: Luxuria Superbia
    6. Galaxy-Guardin' - Star Lords Is A New GalCiv Rival
    7. Seeing Double: Valve Set To Reveal Its Own VR Hardware
    8. Here's That Cyber Steampunk Golf Sim You've Been Wanting
    9. Watch: Binding Of Isaac-Ish Wizard's Lizard, Promising Indies
    10. EVE's Rubicon Has Been Crossed
    11. Black Mesa Coming To Steam For Real Moneydollars
    12. GET. READY. Speedball 2 HD Out 5th December
    13. Mathematical! Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Launch
    14. Call Of Duty: Ghosts' 6GB RAM Requirement Patched Out
    1. Cardboard Children: The Palaces of Carrara
    2. Housebroken: The Very Organized Thief
    3. How A Single Patch Can Shake The Dota 2 Trading Market
    4. Murder, You Manage: Mansion Lord Is On Kickstarter
    5. Wot I Thimpressions - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
    6. EGX Rezzed Tickets Now On Sale
    7. Space Sims: Get In 'Ter Interstellaria, It Looks Stellar
    8. Shadowrun Returns Returns
    9. So Very Many Happy Returns: Half-Life Is 15 Today
    10. EA Looking To Resume Command & Conquer At New Studio
    11. Star Citizen Will 'NEVER' Be Dumbed Down For Consoles
    12. Open-Ended Zombies: State Of Decay - Breakdown
    14. X: Rebirth Dev Sorry For Messy Launch, Promises Changes
    1. Wot I Think: King Arthur's Gold
    2. Dyscourse To Feature Schafer, McMillen And More
    3. Interview: Spector On Fears, Legacies and Returning To PC
    4. Randomised Ranch Dressing: Westerado's Wild West RPG
    5. Glitch Free: Art From Closed MMO Enters Public Domain
    6. Fun And Prophet: Crusader Kings 2 Expansion Out Now
    7. Tea-Powered Rockets? Her Majesty's SPIFFING
    8. The Voorhees Legacy: Camp Keepalive Available For $5
    9. League Of Legends Pre-Season Rubdown
    10. Crew Control: The Mandate Interview
    11. Fallout 4 Trademark Filed, Maybe Might Be A Real Thing
    12. Study Shows No Harmful Impact From Gaming On Children
    13. Living In A Material World: Sui Generis
    14. Major Lasers - SWTOR: Galactic Starfighter Videofied
    1. Live Free Play Hard: BUBSY'S BACK
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. On Beeswing, Joy In Death, And The 'Grandma Money Shot'
    1. More DayZ Than You Can Shake An Axe Into The Skull Of
    2. TowerFall Ascension Bringing Co-op, New Everything To PC
    3. Continue? Stars A Game Hero Making Peace With Deletion
    4. World Of Cubecraft: Rift Dev Introduces Minecraft-Like Trove
    1. Impressions: The First Few Hours Of X Rebirth
    2. Alpha Centaurish: Pandora: First Contact Out Now
    3. The Earth Still Burns: Wasteland 1 Re-Released At Last
    4. Wot I Think: Contrast
    5. Let's Fight: SimCity's Cities Of Tomorrow Expansion Is Out
    6. War Thunder Tanks Next Month With Ground Forces Beta
    7. Blizz On World Of Warcraft's Procedural Future, Warcraft IV
    8. Finished Rise Of Nations Game Found Among Big Huge Files
    9. The Flare Path: Contends With Congestion
    10. Waaaah: Toddler Horror Among The Sleep Crawls Into 2014
    11. Fallout 4 Is Or Isn't Being Revealed Soon, Would You Believe
    12. 2Deus Ex: Dex Is Handsome Sidescrolling Cyberpunk
    13. That's (A Bit) More Like It: QTEs Removed From Thief
    14. CRASHBANGBOOM: Next Car Game's First Gameplay Video
    1. Week in Tech: SSD Update. Just Buy One
    2. Dota 2 Update Adds New Heroes And Coaching Mode
    3. Picross Picross Picross. Play Some Picross. Picross
    4. Football Manager 2013 Pirated 10 Million Times, Says Devs
    5. X: Rebirth Is Out Tomorrow, Launch Trailer Below
    6. Unity of Command Black Turn DLC Out December 10th
    7. If It's Any Consolation, Oculus Rift Will Stay PC-Only
    8. Tough Times: Actual Sunlight 3D
    9. Reset Wants Your Money, Offers Gameplay Tutorial
    10. New Thief Screenshots Won't Make You Check Your Wallet
    11. Spelunky Completed In The Hardest Possible Way
    12. Shadowrun Returns DRM Punched, Flung Into A Pit, Killed
    13. Myst Creator's Obduction Obducts $1.1m From Wallets
    14. Solve Free Puzzle Games With Flying Kicks And Shoving
    1. Interview: Steve Swink On The Scale Of SCALE
    2. By Riker's Beard! Redshirt Beams Down At Last
    3. Bwah? - Neal Stephenson's CLANG, 39 Others Greenlit
    4. World Of Warplanes Finally Reaches The Open Skies
    5. Dungeonland Now Free To Play, If You Squint A Bit
    6. PC: The Review
    7. O:MFG! - SOE Finally Optimizes PlanetSide 2
    8. Blizzard Talks Diablo III's New Path, Defends Online Req
    9. Save The Whales. Or Drill Them. In Windforge
    10. Interview: Guido Henkel On Deathfire: Ruins Of Nethermore
    11. So I Thought I'd Play Battlefield 4's Single Player. About That.
    12. Let There Be: Child Of Light Is Looking Delightful
    13. Your Mind Is Not Ready For Arcane Kids' Bubsy 3D
    14. גוט נייַעס: The Shivah - Kosher Edition
    15. Retroesque FPS Wrack Puts Up Its Dukes
    1. Cardboard Children - Krosmaster: Arena
    2. Path of Exile Adds New Content, Expansion Coming In March
    3. A 105 Minute Documentary About Minecraft For No-Pennies
    4. You're Not Allowed To See Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
    5. Diary: A Nice Prison In Prison Architect Will Always Go Wrong
    6. Take A Boat Ride And Reprogram Reality in FJORDS
    7. No-One Expects A 30 Minute Video Of Dragon Age Inquisition
    8. Only An L Short Of Infamy: Sonder
    9. Another Dimension: Interplanetary Trailer Slingshots Strategy
    10. No Show Conference Talks Are Now Online, Are Very Good
    11. Bloom Is A Gorgeous Thief (Yes, Thief) Influenced ARPG
    12. Bye, Life: FTL Getting Free, Avellone-Penned Expansion
    13. Fall Out: Neptune's Pride 2 Updates With New Ways To Play
    14. Live From Chanel 9: Attractio
    1. SOE On Why EQN Landmark Is Its *Real* Next Big Thing
    2. Project Zomboid Shambles On To Steam Early Access
    3. Picking Up Steam: Humble Launches Full Storefront
    4. Run, The Forest, Run: New Trailer For Crafty Survival Horror
    5. Wot I Think: Goodbye Deponia
    6. I Built A Giant Ice Cream In EverQuest Next: Landmark
    7. Blizzard Suggest They May Be Updating Warcraft I - 3
    8. Wot I Think - XCOM: Enemy Within
    9. Wot I Think - Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1
    10. A Walk In The Dark Is No Walk In The Park
    11. RPS Asks: What Are Your Plans For The New Consoles?
    12. DayZ Still Potentially Many Dayz Away
    13. Planescape Producer's Deathfire: Ruins Of Nethermore
    14. Get A Rush On: King Arthur's Gold Now Out
    1. The Sunday Papers
    3. Impressions: Heroes Of The Storm Steals BlizzCon
    1. The Gravity Gun Is The Best Thing From Two Months Ago
    2. Warlords Of Draenor - Outland, Housing, Naked Gnomes
    1. Impressions: Desktop Dungeons
    2. Forkstarter: Devolver Digital Just Plain Ask For Your Money
    3. BlizzCon Keynote - WoW: Warlords Of Draenor Announced
    4. BlizzCon Keynote: Heroes Of The Storm MOBA Detailed
    5. Level With Me, Thomas Grip
    6. Steam Age: New Age of Empires 2 Expansion Released
    7. Wot I Think: Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm
    8. Car Crash TV: New Sound Recordings For ETS2
    9. Interview: Code Liberation On Game Workshops For Women
    10. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Blackguards Early Access
    11. Chris Roberts Details Squadron 42, Takes On Doubters
    12. Bullet Bros Grapples Jeep To Helicopter, Self To Kickstarter
    13. Chip Off The Old Block: Chuck's Challenge Released
    14. X-Ploration: X - Rebirth Scans The Stars
    15. Dieselpunk Disquiet: Insomnia Kickstarts
    16. Microsoft Still Loves You, Will Bring First-Party Games To PC
    1. How A Lifetime Of Heart Disease Birthed Hyper Light Drifter
    2. Week in Tech: Flicker-free Screens, AMD Noise, Nvidia 780 Ti
    3. Diary: Never Been Half-Lifed, Part One
    4. Bally Good: The Pinball Arcade Released
    5. Gorgeous RPG Elliot Quest Asking For Kickstarter Coins
    6. League of Legends Season Four To Tweak League System
    7. The Veloci-Rapture: Dino Run 2
    8. Let's Sing, Suggests New PC Karaoke Game
    9. The Missing Conflict: How Call Of Duty's Stories Went Awry
    10. EverQuest Next Landmark Dev Diary Explains Minecraft
    11. Grim And Bear It: Grim Dawn Enters Steam Early Access
    12. You Don't Know Jack's Back: Classic Games On Steam
    13. Arrest The President: Neocolonialism Is Out Now
    14. Skins Alive: CS:GO Gets Realistic Weapon Skinning Tool
    1. Sound Garden: The Aural Landscape Of Fract OSC
    2. LOST With A Plot: Owlchemy's Dyscourse
    3. Profit, Said I: The Last Door Opens On Steam Greenlight
    4. OAP Attack: Drox Operative - Invasion Of The Ancients
    5. Wot I Think: Call Of Duty: Ghosts - Single Player
    6. Break Out Success: Prison Architect Sells 250,000 In Alpha
    7. Satellite Of Love: Syndicate Remake On Show
    8. Soren Song: Civ IV Designer Founds Mohawk Games
    9. Wot I Think: Deadly Premonition
    10. No-One Can Hear You Scheme: Mush
    11. Frozen Endzone Beta Will Touchdown In November
    12. A More Civilized War - Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies
    13. Ready, Steady, Bro: Broforce Muscles In Again
    14. I Have No Money But I Must Pledge: STASIS
    1. Three Hours With: Call Of Duty: Ghosts Single Player
    2. Letters, Red In Tooth And Claw: Apexicon Kickstarter
    3. Wayne Good Deals: Latest Humble Bundle Is Positively Batty
    4. Onwards And Upwards: Velocity Ultra Coming To Steam
    5. Broken Sword 5 Broken In Half: First Ep In December
    6. Step By Terrified Step: Post-Future Vagabond
    7. Procedural Tech Trees: Limit Theory Dev Diary
    8. Metro Sees The Linux Light
    9. When Giveaways Go Wrong: Wadjet Eye Interview
    10. Pugilistic Planets: Battle Worlds - Kronos Out Now
    11. Valve Shows Off Steam Hardware, Promises No Exclusives
    12. We've Got (A Free) Company (Of Heroes 2 Expansion Soon)
    13. Valve Fixing Steam Offline To Run Indefinitely [Updated]
    14. Blizzard's Blackthorne Back On Battlenet
    1. Wot I Think - The Typing Of Dead: Overkill
    2. Hungry For More Don't Starve? Try The Screecher
    3. Bust Into Lego Minfigures Online's Closed Beta
    4. Guard Times: Defender's Quest II - Mists Of Ruin
    5. The New Worlds: EU IV - Conquest of Paradise
    6. Wot I Think: Lilly Looking Through
    7. Kick The Tyres Of Car Mechanic Simulator 2014
    8. Peeling Back The Shroud Of The Avatar
    9. Beetlejuice Too: Haunt The House
    10. Castletraileria: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
    11. Next Car Game Crashes Kickstarter
    12. Light And Magic: Lumen
    13. Hyper Light Drifter Footage Looks And Sounds Exquisite
    14. Jazzpunk Gets New Trailer, Winter Release Window
    1. Live Free Play Hard: GARLO'S BACK
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Why Horror's Future Is Bright (Or It's Totally Doomed)
    2. Epic's Fortnite Still Exists, Now At Bulletstorm Dev
    3. Thief Story Trailer Waxes Gutter-Poetic About The City
    4. SpeedRunners Embracing Piracy, Releasing Free Version
    5. Hey: You Can Play The Aaru's Awakening Demo
    6. Tablets And Terrors: Magicka Expands
    1. Wot I Think: Forced
    2. Real Magic: Shaman - Shadows of the Last Immortal
    3. It's A Madhouse: Outlast's 'Whistleblower' Prequel DLC
    4. SLAMMED! Is Interactive Fiction With Kayfabe
    5. Wot I Think: Microsoft Surface Pro 2
    6. Type:Rider Lets You Explore Beautiful, Er, Typography
    7. Week In Tech: The Bifurcatin' PC, Nvidia Spoils AMD's Party
    8. Intergalactic Predatory: Hawken Adds Bots, Invisible Mech
    9. Big Bus, Small Hours: An OMSI Diary
    10. Blood Money: Rome II Gets Paid Blood And Gore DLC
    11. Ten Years Of Trackmania
    12. Avago: Avadon 2 - The Corruption Is Out, Plus Demo
    13. Launch Sequence: Part One Of Arma 3's Campaign Is Out
    14. Deliver With Some Fava Beans: Confederate Express
    15. RPS Plays... The Scariest Games Of All Time