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Indiesaurus: Dino Run 2's Indie Guests

Meet Meat Dino and Friends

Dino Run 2: Dino Harder (not its actual subtitle) isn't simply more of the same. There are still dinosaurs and they're still fleeing the Doom That Lurks At the Left Side of the Screen (actual Lovecraft story), but the variety of playable Cretaceous critters encourages exploration as well as fleeing. A recent update provides information about the Pachycephalosaurus. It's a dinosaur with a hard hat growing out of its head, which means it can bash through rocks, topple trees and stun other creatures. Unlike the Triceratops, which is also a demolition dino, the Pachycephalosaurus is small enough to dart through tunnels, and agile enough to leap and bound. Pixeljam have also announced a set of "dino hats, heads and customizations based on characters from well-known indie games of the past and present". There's a picture of those below and I'm currently struggling to identify them all.

OK, I'm missing something obvious here and no doubt people will point out what a thicko I am when they tell me where I'm going wrong, but who the heck is the rather psychedelic chap on the rock near the centre? It's probably from a game that I reviewed or have otherwise expressed my love of, just to make my inability to recognise prehistoric pixel art renditions of characters even more embarrassing than it already is. It's one of the few skills that I thought I possessed.

These indie dinos will be included in the special edition of the original Dinorun as well as the sequel. Dinorun: SE is due early next year.

Success for Dino Run 2 is far from certain. Pixeljam currently have around $45,000 of pledges with a $175,000 target and less than two weeks on the clock.

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