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Dieselpunk Disquiet: Insomnia Kickstarts

Online but not massively online

I briefly mentioned online RPG Insomnia when it first came to my attention a couple of weeks ago but now that the project's Kickstarter campaign has started, it's worth revisiting. Studio MONO are eager to point out the differences between a massively multiplayer roleplaying game and their game, which is online but not from the same mould as WOW and its ilk. If it all comes together as planned, it seems like it'll have the strengths of a single player game, including scripted and procedural quests, alongside larger events involving more than sixty players. The art design, described as 'dieselpunk', is lovely, in a rusted and charred sort of way. Do make sure to look at the team photos. Lead developer Anatoliy Guyduk is terrifying.

It's the setting that keeps me interested, even as doubts about the online gubbins bubble up in the back of my mind. It's the sort of grimy industrial sci-fi that tickles my fancy.

With a great deal of work already completed, MONO are hoping to fund the final push (although they still have a May 2014 release window) and need $70,000.

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