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Speccy Jam Revives Spectrum Games In A Week

Jam them in your speccy eyes

I know people often feel fatigued by the resurgence of 8-bit and 16-bit art styles, but there's still not enough games aiming to revive the vibrant colours and sharp edges of old Spectrum games. The Speccy Jam aims to change that. As reported by, a week of toiling has created more than twenty games almost all of which are playable in your browser.

All the more impressive is that a lot of the games were made in Unity, with the modern game-making package tweaked to turn out the retro graphics. That's the case for Spectrum Wave, a StarFox-like tunnel shooter. From the game's page on the Speccy Jam site:

The game was build Unity3D, however non of the engines major features was used. The game was created by writing pixels straight into a texture2D (including fonts which was an array of ints specifying whether to paint the pixel or not!), no 3d software or 2d painting tools used, it was all hand plotted in textedit to keep it as authentic as possible. The ship took a couple of hours on its own to plot out!

Which sounds mad and is quite fun.

There's lots more over on the site, including the roguelike Are You There Theseus? and, er, Spectrum vs. Nazis, which I can't get to work but am curious about.

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