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Dyscourse To Feature Schafer, McMillen And More

Alec mentioned Dyscourse a couple of weeks back, rather rightly pointing out how good it looks. I'd have thought it would be a sure thing to see its Kickstarter funds ding the modest $40,000 they're after in moments, and far beyond. Yet it's only reached just over $13k at this point. Weird. Maybe the news that the likes of Tim Schafer, Ed McMillen and Robin Hunicke are contributing personalities to the project?

This is to be an additional mode in the post-plane-crash-simulator, where more normally you'd be controlling a crowd of survivors making crucial decisions to stay alive. I "Indie Plane Crash", you've got indie developers to try to keep going. Schafer, McMillen and Hunicke are joined by Octodad's Phil Tibtoski, Antichamber's Alexander Bruce, World Of Goo's Ron Carmel, Dejobaan Games' Ichiro Lambe, Canabalt's Adam Saltsman, Auditorium's Will Stallwood, and Super Crate Box's Rami Ismail. What could possibly go wrong?

Certainly Owlchemy could be doing a lot more updates on their project, which has received a rather sparse five in two weeks. A bit more visible enthusiasm from their side always helps engender enthusiasm elsewhere. And since their excellent pitch video was made in-game, it's odd we've not seen some more core in-game footage since then. Come along Owl People, do that. Although today's announcement should hopefully drum up some more attention. Here's that original pitch video again:

$15 picks up the game on release, while $10,000 buys you the right to fly yourself to Boston and buy the team their dinner, and excludes a copy of the game. I wish I had a spare $10k to reward them for that. It's currently aiming for September next year, so you may wonder how a company can survive on £25k for a year. They make it clear that funds from previous games are funding the project too, and the Kickstarter makes up the shortfall. Good.

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