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Sentris Selebrates Its Funding With A Free Prototype For You

Tell 'em I sentris ya

Music-making (sort of) puzzle game Sentris (as posted about by the boy Nathan last week) has now been given its $50,000 Kickstarter green card, and while the campaign will be all but over by the time these words reach you, you can at least join in with the celebrations if you don't mange to pledge in time. Dev Samantha Kalman has released Sentris' prototype to the public, the one that was on show in the pitch videos, in both PC and Mac flavours (with Linux provided on request, apparently). It's only 39 megabytes, and as we all know game quality directly equates to filesize, so it must be rubbish. That's why Peggle and Tetris are so awful.

A quick play suggests it's definitely onto something, and the idea that music creation can steam as much from error as it can from following orders (in this case tagging specific blocks on the rotating spheres) is an appealing one.

Though it did mean that my first attempt resulted in what I would expert Kraftwerk to sound like if they put Rob Ford on synths. It's going to take me a fair bit of figuring out yet, if I'm to create something I don't feel abjectly ashamed of.

You should probably watch this video before playing, like I didn't do:

This link goes directly to a Dropbox download of the prototype; if it's dead I'd imagine you should check the Kickstarter page for possible replacement sources.

There should be around a dozen hours left on the clock by the time you read this, so if you want to lob a few bonus groats into its current $53k plot, here's where to go.

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