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Space Sims: Get In 'Ter Interstellaria, It Looks Stellar

Kickstarted faster than light

As we rush torwards some sort of videogame genre singularity, it becomes harder to write brief descriptive sentences which aren't just lists of adjectives. Let's do Interstellaria. It's a side-srolling 2D space simulation sandbox role-playing game where you can land on planet surfaces to perform puzzle and action platforming. "Ohh," you say. "One of those." It's also on Kickstarter. "Oh," you say. "One of those."

It's also almost entirely funded with 17 days to go ("Ohh! One of those!") and it has a soundtrack by Chipzel, who did the music for Super Hexagon. There's a trailer below.

It's like FTL crossed with The Sims, with ship management from a side-on perspective, and players responsible for telling their crew to eat, sleep, upgrade ship parts and seal hull breaches in the midst of enemy attacks. Followed by the discovering and scanning of planets, and sending your captain down to the surface with what looks like fairly simple platforming.

I love the look of the pixel art, mostly because of the colour palette. It reminds me of old Atari ST games, or maybe specifically Captain Blood. The Kickstarter page specifically cites Starflight as an inspiration.

Unlike other games with similar concepts, everything in Interstellaria is hand-crafted, which is why Coldrice Games are Kickstarting the project. They (or rather he, Jonathan King) wants to hire another artist to help build a diverse universe.

Have a look at the Kickstarter pitch video and see what you think.

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