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TowerFall Ascension Bringing Co-op, New Everything To PC


True story: during IndieCade, I walked past Ouya's tent, and a good 50 percent of it was taken up by massive TowerFall stations. They were facing out of the tent, obscuring the remainder of the tarnished wondercube's lineup like some massive fun planet eclipsing a dying sun. The metaphor for the state of the platform, as you can probably tell from that simile, was palpable. But it's OK because everything's still amazing on PC, and we're getting the biggest, best version TowerFall has to offer (along with PS4 or whatever I guess). TowerFall Ascension will offer a new co-op quest mode, 50 new levels, and countless new items. Sorry Ouya. Maybe don't try to prevent huge audiences of people from playing games next time. Karma and all that.

(Admittedly, Ascension is coming to Ouya too - just three months after PC and PS4 for reasons.)

So yes, it's the same game of human pincushion you knew and longed for from afar, but with a whole, whole lot more stuff. That said, one fairly major feature is still missing: online play. Maybe that'll change down the line, but right now creator Matt Thorson doesn't seem too in love with the idea.

"There won't be any online at launch, sorry," he tweeted. "It's really meant to be played together with friends."

Shame that, but it's understandable. TowerFall is stupidly fun when played with friends/enemies/rival street gangs, and online would take away from some of the person-to-person purity of it.

TowerFall Ascension will rise from Ouya's ashes in early 2014. Who's got it in their crosshairs (which they've affixed to a bow-and-arrow for some reason)?

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