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Let's Sing, Suggests New PC Karaoke Game

One of the best things about PC gaming is the paucity of karaoke games. Oh, what's this? Curses. Voxler Games have just announced the release date of Let's Sing. Let's not, eh?

Oh, okay, my loathing of karaoke is not shared by, well, anyone else as far as I can tell. So perhaps you're desperate for a way for your PC to hear your pitchy screeches, which you'll be able to do on the 12th December? However, we all may want to agree to raise an eyebrow at their peculiar claim of being "the first karaoke game for PC". Um.

Try telling that to Disney Sing It, Karaokegame, Karafun, Guitar Hero: World Tour, and UltraStar. To name the first few I found.

That aside, this is a more official release than some of the above, and contains a bunch of well known songs for you to murder in front of other people who apparently possess no shame. The likes of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kool And The Gang and Queen are licensed. You can see the rest of the playlist on the game's site. Warning: it contains Maroon 5. It'll allow two mics to be plugged in at the same time, so the clashing horror of karaoke duets can be performed, and has Facebook integration so you can upload your monstrous screaming for others to hate.

Just what is this desire to sing other people's songs in front of other people? I don't feel the need to act out videogames to my friends, nor stage home performances of favourite films. Everyone, just stop it.

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