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Unity of Command Black Turn DLC Out December 10th

Like Checkers With Angry Heads

Unity of Command is a historical, turn-based strategy game set on the Eastern Front of World War 2. Wait! Come back. It's also accessible, setting your tank-commanding tactics and supply line-supporting strategies upon a clean, communicative map and making the hows and whys of your decisions as obvious as possible. Kieron liked it. Jim liked it. Adam liked it. John probably still hated it.

So that's about a thousand reasons to be excited that it's getting a second piece of DLC, called Black Turn, which lets you command your armies through Operation Barbarossa.

In a post on the official site, we find out salient details: it's out on December 10th. It's longer than the original Stalingrad campaign. It's historically accurate up until the German assault on Moscow, at which point you can win and play two 'what-if' scenarios. That final historical fight for Moscow "is an 18-turn, 200-unit behemoth that is rated 'hard' to boot."

The thing I should say is that "accessible" doesn't mean "easy". Even Unity of Command's easier missions ought to be rated 'hard', as its AI mercilessly poked holes in your front lines, leaving your men stranded without winter coats or warm soup. You wouldn't want it any other way. What made it beautiful and rare was that you could come at it as a rookie, poke at its muted colours, and come to understand how it worked even as you failed another mission.

Find more screenshots of the expansion over on the Unity of Command official site.

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