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Unity Of Command DLC News, Steam Release

I hadn't played Unity Of Command until last night, and wow, was I missing out. "Hexed-based World War II wargame" doesn't usually add up to a crowd-pleaser, but this one has me (and even Mrs Me) completely engrossed. It's one of the strategy games that is relatively simple in its construction, and yet complex enough to demand lateral thinking about how your moves will impact on supply lines, and the ability of your enemy to punch through your armies and surge into undefended territory. I also think part of the joy of it is just how difficult it is - its rock hard at times - and every victory feels like you've personally wrestled a bear into submission. Have it, bear. What I am trying to say is: it's a brilliant operational-level strategy game that completely colonised my brain from the first click.

More news and video below.

A video. And I realise this still won't sell it to most of you, but just listen: if you've ever liked a turn-based strategy, you'll get on with this.

Watch on YouTube

The important news though is that the game is on sale on Steam, right here. That's cheap for the amount of time you'll be able to sink into this.

But there's more! There's going to be some DLC, as announced just here. It's sounds huge, at least for Soviet play "Red Turn, which is currently in the final stages of development and testing, is our first DLC for Unity of Command. In it, we’re picking up on the story shortly after the events of the Stalingrad Campaign. Operation Zitadelle, the ill-fated German attack at Kursk, is represented as a single Axis scenario... The Soviet campaign features 17 scenarios, which put together tell the story of how a maturing Red Army won the war through perfecting the art of the deep operation – essentially a Soviet variant of the blitzkrieg. We are including scenarios that cover everything from large scale operations such as Rumyantsev or Bagration, to the more confined and intricate affairs such as the Battle for Kiev in November 1943."

There's also going to be a scenario editor for multiplayer games. It's all going on.

And here are Kieron's thoughts on the game.

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