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The Cost Of War(gaming): Matrix Games Sale

Discounts on most of back catalogue

In a world where it's increasingly likely that game bundles will soon be given away with Happy Meals, people are often flabbered right down to the gasts when they see the prices over on planet Matrix. The wargaming/strategy publisher doesn't discount its back catalogue as often as some companies discount their front catalogue, so when the annual holiday sale rolls around, it's worth paying attention to. Lots of titles are discounted by 50%, including the excellent Unity of Command and its expansions. The Gary Grigsby titles are also on sale, as are many others, listed here.

Sadly, no sale price for Distant Worlds, Universe or otherwise, which is a shame. The greatest space strategy-sim of recent (perhaps any) times is available elsewhere, but there's no discount there either. The wonderful Qvadriga has also missed out on a discount but it's not quite as steeply priced as much of the catalogue.

There's plenty to see though and you might just find that one wargame you've had your eyes on is suddenly within range of your bank barrage. You'll have to excuse me. I'm choking on the free copy of Super Meat Boy that was hidden in my cornflakes.

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