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Nightcrawler In A Cowboy Hat: WildStar's Spellslinger


Hello, WildStar. It is good to see that you are still around and doing things. What have you been up to since last I praised your smart ability mechanics, targeting systems, and appealing candy coated gumdrop style while also lamenting that kill/collect MMOs bore me to tears these days? Oh, you've been showing off atypical classes, have you? And you say this "Spellslinger" is hyper-mobile and is meant to either DPS or heal? Urrrrrrghhh. I can't open my poor, pancake-flat heart to another MMO. It's already been crushed too many times. But maybe... maybe I'll just give this video a quick watch. No harm in that, right?

OK, that video was a cringe-inducing mix of painfully stilted and trying way, way too hard to pretend that it wasn't painfully stilted, but I digress. The Spellslinger actually looks like quite the thing. For one, you can shoot people to heal them, which is a) supremely silly and b) something I strongly recommend you never, ever try in real life. Also, that whole place-between-places hideaway dimension Spellslingers can just hit up whenever sounds both mechanically intriguing and like the space-time defying secret fortress I've dreamed of since I was eight.

So there's your monthly-ish WildStar update. Still looking strong, still also looking like An MMO. It'll be out early next year, and I want it, but I also don't want it. "Ever the paradox, that Nathan Grayson," they'll say as they haul my body to its well-earned grave. Then they'll unceremoniously dump me into the dirt, too preoccupied with living (and videogames!) to pay any heed to the dead.

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