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Fun And Prophet: Crusader Kings 2 Expansion Out Now

New dev diary

If you enter in to Crusader Kings 2 with a plan to win, you're going to be frustrated. It's a complex turn-based strategy game set during the Middle Ages in Europe, with an overwhelming array of options available whether you start as a mighty King or a lowly Count. If you approach it as a role-playing game though, with an interest only in being interesting, then it's an accessible, surprising delight to muddle your way through and craft your own stories.

That's why any new expansion to the game is so exciting; every added layer of detail gives you a new role to perform. Sons of Abraham focuses on expanding the Jewish and Muslim faiths. It's out now and there's a new developer diary below.

In another developer's hands, this might feel like dicey territory, or a theme chosen with the intent of courting controversy. That's not how the CK2 team operate, and all of the additions make perfect sense within the context of Crusader Kings 2. They're being sensible, historical, respectful about the subject matter, exactly as they were with the Christian faiths in the base game and the Norse and Pagans in the last expansion, The Old Gods.

Whether you're interested in controlling a leader of one of the new and expanded faiths or not, the idea is that the additions should make the game more interesting for every character, including Christian rulers. That's partly because Paradox have added hundreds of new religious-themed events "pertaining to relics, monastic life and pilgrimages", and because you'll now have more rivals to contend with as you attempt to survive, rule and conquer.

As project lead Henrik Fåhraeus mentions in the above video, Sons of Abraham will be a smaller expansion than The Old Gods, but that's reflected in the price. The Old Gods was £10, but Sons of Abraham is £8.

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