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Fallout 4 Is Or Isn't Being Revealed Soon, Would You Believe

It wants to set the world on fire

Could it be? Is it even remotely possible? Has a major videogame publisher truly decided to make a sequel to one of its best-selling games? O brave new world, that has such speculation in't.

Bethesda alternating between Elderses and Falloutses seemed pretty much a given to me, so when talk arose around a URL apparently bought by Bethesda and entitled 'Survivor 2299', a return to the post-apocalypse was far from a surprise. Whether the website really is anything to do with Bethesda remains open to interpretation, but even if it isn't you should feel free to smack me around the chops with a rainbow trout and call me Charlie McArse if we don't start hearing official talk of Fallout 4 within the next year.

The Survivor 2299 site includes a timer, counting down to December 11 this year. Many are pointing out that the hellishly meatheaded Dew'n'Doritos carnival of marketing that is the Spike VGA awards is due on Dec 7, and has traditionally played home to Bethesda announcement, so perhaps there's something in it. Bethesda has refused to comment on inquires about the potential teaser-site; much as trying to extract blood from a no comment stone is a futile business at the best of times, this does seem like a case where surely there'd be no harm in them decrying a fake if it was a fake. Then again, maybe they've learned the wisdom of a no-comment over a flat denial after that unfortunate Press Sneak Fuck business.

Reddit sleuths are worried that the Survivor 2299 site has been registered using a different system to Bethesda's usual, while NeoGAF has traced a trail to Poland, and as such there's a strong chance it could all be a tiresome and exceptionally pointless prank, but for now it's anyone's guess. The Fallout subreddit is busily gathering small mountains of evidence for and against, so keep an eye if you like. The annoying morse code on the site, by the way, is reiterating the Dec 11 date.

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