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New Drox Operative: Invasion Of The Ancients Trailers

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Drox Operative is a space-set action RPG in which the world around you changes whether you interact with it or not. You fly about, destroying spaceships and using the items they drop to tweak and level your own ship. As you meet new civilizations, they might ask you to help them expand or destroy their neighbour, and your action or inaction will help shape the galaxy.

A new expansion, Invasion of the Ancients, came out earlier this month. Now there's a new trailer for both it and the base game below.

Adam liked the original game a lot when he WIT it last year. I'm just going to quote from Adam wholesale here, because this excites me:

A Drox Operative is, quite simply, a person with a badass spaceship who does whatever seems like a good idea at the time, with backing from a shadowy collective who provide upgrades and new ships when they see results. The operative might spend his/her time solving problems, creating problems, ignoring problems, but what’s essential is to use the space you’re given as a personal playground. Soldak provides a canvas, not blank but bristling with intent, and the spaceship, lasers and nuclear missiles are your brushes.

My only complaint is that the expansion is called Invasion of the Ancients, which maybe you don't want to do when one of the most popular games in the world right now is Dota in its many forms, and that used to mean Defense of the Ancients. But hey. As far as bad game names go, this is pretty low on the chart.

Drox Operative (or 'Droperative' in my head now, and forever more) is by Soldak, the maker's of the mechanically similar Depths of Peril. Drox costs $20, and $10 for the expansion.

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