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Give8-Bit Collates Videogame Charity Campaigns

Give while gaming

More and more people are using videogames as a medium through which to support charities. As reported by Wired, Give8-Bit is a YouTube channel designed to act as a hub for highlighting videogame-powered charitable campaigns and documenting their impact.

Come watch the launch video of game developers who are doing nice things, and of Ian Livingstone in a choir.

The initiative has been launched by Playmob, who exist to help charities utilise videogames and their developers. As featured in the video, companies like Sports Interactive, Jagex and Zynga have already partnered with the Give8-Bit channel, and each talks about the work they're doing in brief.

This is basically my anti-snark post. It's just a nice thing. (And Ian Livingstone in a choir).

If you want to keep up with ways you can do good deeds while playing or watching games, subscribe to the Give8-Bit YouTube channel.

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