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Murder, You Manage: Mansion Lord Is On Kickstarter

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You all follow GREENLIGHTGOLD on Twitter, right? Amongst its out-of-context descriptions cribbed from Steam Greenlight submissions. In between the oddities and the Minecraft submissions, there's the occasional description that sounds worth looking up. Here's one from last night: "Mansion Lord turns the traditional 'whodunnit' murder mystery into an RPG/business sim game with a pixel art style."

Mansion Lord does hope to do that. It's on Kickstarter now, but there's enough in its video and screenshots to suggest a considerable amount of the game already exists.

From the Kickstarter page:

Mansion Lord combines a murder mystery business sim with tile-based world building and turn-based RPG combat. Build your mansion tile-by-tile, invite unscrupulous aristocrats to dinner, and, with the aid of your hired detectives, capture them for bounties after they slay the other guests. You can level up your detectives, equip them with hundreds of different weapons and accessories, and teach them a variety of skills. All in the name of profit!

I like management games, and I'm a sucker for anything that plays on the tropes of murder mysteries. This looks like Tiny Tower meets a turn-based battling Poirot. Your mansion contains a "Hall of Accusation", which all on its own would make me play this game.

It's still a long way from being funded (albeit with 29 days to go), and while its developer is apparently founded by experience developers, no names or previously worked-on games are listed. So think about it carefully while you take a look.

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