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DF On Stacking And Costume Quest: 'Anything Is Possible'

Hopefully gritty FPS reboots

Hey! Did you hear the news about Stacking and Costume Quest? No? Oh, right, that's because I'm still in the process of reporting it. Well, the short version is, Double Fine - after what Tim Schafer describes as "a daring and top-secret midnight raid" on Nordic Games HQ - has reclaimed full rights to both Stacking and Costume Quest. Distribution, production, whatever else goes into making a game - all that good stuff. So what happens now? I got in touch with Double Fine to (double) find out.

The first order of business is retail (yes, games are still sold in five, maybe six stores across the globe) releases for both games during the first half of 2014. And after that? Well, Double Fine's not taking any options off the table. VP of business development Justin Bailey explained to RPS:

"Anything is possible now that we have the full rights back, but we have not decided what to do yet in terms of new content and/or sequels."

If Double Fine decides to spend more fortnights on the Amnesia Fortnight duo, it probably won't be for quite some time. The studio that's named after a highway sign has its plate stacked triple-high with Broken Age, Massive Chalice, and Spacebase DF-9. And then there's still a backlog of Amnesia Fortnight 2013 prototypes on the backburner, as well as any other top-secret experiments Schafer and co might have brewing in their unrelentingly zany brains.

So probably be patient. Or just accept both games as rather good one-offs, and maybe be pleasantly surprised someday down the line. Whichever soothes the anguished existential screaming that echoes off the walls of your mind, only allowing you a silent second in the rarest of moments.

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