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Don't Go Broke Age: The Humble Double Fine Bundle

"Double Fine?" someone somewhere has probably said at some point maybe. "Who do they think they are, claiming to be twice as fine as the rest of us? I'm no fool. I don't believe it for a second." But, Mr Somewhere, what if you're wrong? Then you'll just look silly, your only solace coming in the fact that going off the grid in shame would be simple, given that you have the least Google-able name of all time. Clearly, the only solution to your conundrum is a test. You need to play most of Double Fine's back catalog, but your gleaming shield of skepticism must be kept aloft. Buying these games full price would only create suspicion that you might harbor legitimate interest. We can't have that. The solution? A new Humble Double Fine Bundle. It's offering all of the laugh factory's PC games except Iron Brigade on a pay-what-you-want basis, and a pre-purchase of Broken Age if you're willing to part with $35. Exceedingly strange, vaguely arousing video after the break.

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So yes, you know the drill: all the games are DRM-free, and you can give every last cent in your possession to charity if you're feeling so inclined.  Brutal Legend, meanwhile, hops in your souped-up hotrod shopping cart if you beat the average, and the $35 Broken Age tier gets you both the full game (upon eventual release) and access to its super secret backer forums.

It's a pretty nice deal, all told, and you probably ought to-- huh? Oh, well, yes, I suppose it does imply that Double Fine feels it's both twice as fine as everyone else and notably humble. Ugh, you know what, Somewhere? Sometimes I really wish you'd change your name to Someone Somewhere Else.

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