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Galaxy-Guardin' - Star Lords Is A New GalCiv Rival

I'd have gone with 'Space Kings'

"Human-like AI that doesn’t cheat and plays by the same rules as human players" shouldn't be a boast, surely. It should be a given. HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING, VIDEOGAMES? But still, this is one of the claims made by Arkavi / Iceberg's upcoming scifi 4X game Star Lords. That's a name which has me wishing for a turn-based Guardians of the Galaxy game, and probably has Arkavi and co hoping Marvel don't catch wind of this.

There's not much to go on for now, although the team is planning for a - heavy sigh - Early Access release at some point next month. The promise is "an epic-sized complex and dense 4x strategy game with a deep economic and political layer", which is pretty much what the also upcoming, but further away, Galactic Civilizations III promises. Hopefully we're being spoilt for choice.

Here trailer here:

There's a smattering of details over on its website, confirming the likes of randomly-generated, 'living' universes, a ship designer, spies, 8 playable races and multiplayer. Screenshots suggest a somewhat sparser-looking game than the trailer might imply, but hey, depth over gloss and all that.

Arkavi are a Portugese outfit which formed just this year, although before that they were known as Neogen2 Creations and were formed in 2005. Star Lords seems to be quite the leap in ambition for them.

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