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Galactic Civilizations III Adds Steam Workshop Support

Make 'em, share 'em

That there Galactic Civilizations III [official site] is pretty good, our Adam thought, though he noted it could do with an expansion or two under its spacebelt. It may have launched out of Early Access two months ago, but that doesn't mean development's done. Yesterday brought a patch adding two new difficulty levels (high and low: Incredible and Easy) along with Steam Workshop support for sharing your custom factions and ship designs and easily downloading others. Good news: people have already created almost heaps of sci-fi movie and TV ships and factions for you.

In other, slightly less warm news, a map editor has arrived, but as part of a £4 map pack DLC.

Mosey on over to GalCiv 3's Steam Workshop and you'll find an Imperial Star Destroyer, Star Trek's Sovereign class ships, 40k's Necrons, Vogons, and plenty of original creations. Also The Sexy Federation Of United Love.

Patch 1.10 fixed and changed a fair bit more, so do check out the patch notes if you dig that sorta thing.

As for the DLC map pack, that brings eight new maps of varying sizes made by Stardock, along with that editor. It does seem a shame to put the editor away in a DLC. Share it with everyone! Let everyone create! The more people get into the game, the more likely they'll stick around to buy expansions and DLC of substance. Oh well. It's £3.99/$4.99 on Steam.

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