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EverQuest Next Landmark Dev Diary Explains Minecraft

EverQuest Next Dev Diary

I knew roughly what SOE had planned for their new EverQuest game, but I was still surprised by how different it was when Adam broke the cardinal rule of Vegas by telling us about it. The first part, Landmark, is a free-to-play sandbox game built from voxels in which players can dig and build and design the world around them.

The latest developer diary walks you through the different materials and tools that make that world.

Axes, buckets, lava, obsidian? This sounds awfully familiar.

I mock - and will continue to mock - but there are plenty of reasons to be interested. For one, the best creations from Landmark will be picked up and placed into the proper questing-and-levelling EverQuest Next MMO, with the builders receiving some form of reward for their good work.

For two, PlanetSide 2 is great, and I'm happy to see an MMO developer continue to be ambitious by trying something different within the genre, instead of solely being ambitious in terms of scale.

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