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EverQuest Next Landmark's Insane Ambitions Video-ed

That's gonna leave a mark

I have played EverQuest Next Landmark, and lo, it was akin to using Photoshop to birth worlds from my finger (and brain) tips. Also, a giant ice cream cone. For all of SOE's boasting, there's actually some awe-worthy power in the toolset, and that's not even all there is to the game. Landmark is a universe of exploration, combat, and survival that will constantly expand as players build onto it. From a standpoint of scope and ambition, vanilla EverQuest Next pretty much pales in comparison. If you still don't understand exactly why (SOE did a horrendous job of explaining it early on), there's a fairly substantial video below that ought to help.

Impressive, right? I mean, it's still extremely early and sort of janky, but the framework for something special is definitely in place. Also, I am so going to overrun all the high fantasy elven forests with lumbering mechs. Mark my words.

If you want to buy into alpha access, EverQuest Next Landmark's founder's program is up and running. The alpha packages are pretty pricey, though, so maybe hold off until we can verify that the early test is meaty enough to warrant SOE using its money-sapping dark arts on your wallet.

The alpha will begin sometime around February of next year. What's your take on Landmark so far?

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