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Light And Magic: Lumen

Lights, camera, action

Students are a lazy bunch, aren't they? Walk through the bars and cafes of any university city, and you'll see them, lounging around in their threadbare beatnik knitwear, laced with the faint but sickly sweet odour of happy funtime cigarettes. If you can get them to put down their nutmeg vanilla lattes for a second, you might be able to engage them in conversation but do you really want to know about their sociopolitical analysis of Marge Simpson's evolving dress sense, soon to be converted into a Masters dissertation? The student scene is obviously quite different over in Barcelona, where a team of eight spent ten months coding their own engine, and designing and creating a game and all necessary assets. It's a "platform-puzzle video game where the player assumes control of a girl trapped in a world of nightmare as she tries to make her escape." Video below, or you can go right ahead and download Lumen now.

The player uses a camera to manipulate the environment but despite the spooky setting, don't expect the ghosts of broken people to assault you at every step. There is a scary picture of a clown though, as if there could be any other kind.

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