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Let Slip The Increasingly Hairy Dogs Of Modern Warfare

Fur reals?

(of Call of Duty Ghosts, anyway).

Of the many things we wish were better about the most recent Call of Duty game's singleplayer campaign, it's surely the amount of fur on the dog. You'll be glad to hear that's been rectified.

The latest patch for the Activision's latest opus of destruction and arse-following includes this telltale line: "Re-enabled fur and smoke DLLs from nVidia." This means that, should you own a suitably meaty graphics card (either NVIDIA or AMD, you'll be glad to hear), Ghost's memetastic hound now has bonus hair on his tail and back. This is the first released game to support NVIDIA's Fur Tech (sadly lacking a TressFX-style pun), but apparently we'll also see it further down the line in the Witcher 3.

Best way to establish if furry is for you is... And no, I won't make that gag. But the best way to see this Fur Tech in action if you don't own the game and/or an appropriate card is to set one of these videos to 1080p and fullscreen.

It's a neat effect, to be honest, and I look forwards to seeing it in a game that's about animals or Robin Williams, rather than just as a cameo in Faintly Tiresome Manshoot 2013. Word is there isn't too much of a performance hit from it, except for on your PC, because it's rubbish and you don't deserve for games to look pretty.

Here's a video of an earlier version of Fur Tech from last year:

And here's a WeakmanCam clip of Fur Tech in Witcher 3:

If you could make one thing hairier, what would it be?

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