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Project Zomboid Shambles On To Steam Early Access

Project Zomboid Joins Steam

Project Zomboid is up on Steam Early Access now. Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG with a grim tone, and it has been in development and paid-alpha for ages.

That's it. That's the news. It was in the title. I'm always a little wary, though, of posting things like this, which are just straight-up, matter-of-fact pieces of information about a thing you can now buy in a new place. So to prove that I'm a hard-hitting journalist, I reached out to Will Porter over the weekend to ask him about the game's launch into Early Access.

Also I'm so hard-hitting I'm going to paste the Early Access promotional trailer here:

Graham "Hard-Hitting Journalist" Smith: Will!

Will "part of the Indie Stone team" Porter: hullo
how're you?

Graham: I'm good! I'm writing a quick newsblast for RPS on Zomboid getting on Steam. I'm going to quote from this chatlog, if that's alright, and make it sound as if I was really aggressive in asking you about it?

So give me some sort of comment on Project Zomboid being on Steam, you prick.

Will: Well, the plan (that's turned out okay) was to avoid the Early Access nightmare-pits of frustrated people unable to play the game, or annoyed that they couldn't tell what stage of completion the game was at. (I think it's a horror story we've all seen now.) So we provided a demo, organised loads of Twitch streams and whatnot to show people what was on offer. So if people are at all interested in the game, please check out the demo - make sure it runs pleasantly, and have a nice time trying not to die.

In the mean-time we're working hard to fix up the memory leaks and whatnot that the sudden exposure to the wider Steam audience has flagged up. (Not universal problems I don't think, we've got a lot of happy campers :))

Graham "used to edit PC Gamer" Smith: Alright. That's great. FUCK PC ZONE.

Will "used to edit PC Zone" Porter: FUCK PC GAMER.
(hug RPS)
(If PC GAMER are reading this, The Indie Stone do not actually want to FUCK anyone - and this is just an in-joke that's got waaay out of hand.)

Check out Project Zomboid on Steam. If you've already purchased an earlier version of the game, you can follow this brief guide to get your Steam key. Or check out this big, zoomable map of the game's enormous world.

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