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Fall Out: Neptune's Pride 2 Updates With New Ways To Play

Space bastards

Neptune's Pride 2 is the most exciting game I'm never going to play. The sequel to the space strategy backstab-'em-up has just been updated with a set of features that sound like it'll be more pleasant to be miserable than ever before.

In Yang's recent Level With Me with Thomas Grip, the designer of Amnesia spoke about the idea of building games that can or should be played only once. And I read it and I thought, "Yeah, like Neptune's Pride." It can take weeks to complete even a single game, and at the end of it, when all the war and betrayals are over, winning feels hollow.

This is a recommendation, by the way. Neptune's Pride is one of the most memorable gaming experiences of my life. From its simple fleet commands and economy of planet-gathering springs a eternally deep well of strategy. Because people.

Neptune's Pride 2 now includes turn-based games, in which everyone can make a move before winding the clock forward 12 hours, rather than waiting for your ships to glide serenely towards their target in real-time. That means that it should be less all-consuming, at least, should you choose to play this way. Developers Iron Helmet are also testing 64-player games, which conversely means you can soon fall out with everyone you know at once. Efficiency!

Also, geez, I just noticed it's HTML5 so you can play it on your phone as well. You can fall out with all of your friends while on the toilet. Weirdly, this makes me more tempted.

Check out our diary of playing the first game together, or go start playing its sequel now.

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