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April 2015 Archive

    1. Why £200 / $250 Is The 1080p Graphics Card Sweet Spot
    2. Wot I Think: Shadowrun Chronicles - Boston Lockdown
    3. Kalimba Concept Art: Floating Islands And Totem Charts
    4. Best Tabletop Simulator Mods
    5. Bearded B's Beak Blasts Bugs In Metamorphabet Demo
    6. What Heroes of the Dorm Means For Blizzard And Esports
    7. On Not Being Defeated
    8. How to use Sylvanas Windrunner in Hearthstone
    9. Oooh - Circa Infinity Has A Devilish Free Demo
    10. TIE Fighter & X-Wing Collector's Editions Now On GOG
    11. A Giant Expansion: Endless Legend - Guardians
    12. RPS Community Update: What You Did in Cities: Skylines, Guild Wars 2, PlanetSide 2 and GTA V
    13. RPS Chat: Curve Balls And Cheat Claims In Football Games
    14. Team Fortress 2 Competitive Matchmaking Coming
    15. Star Wars: Rebel Assault Blasts On GOG
    16. Total War: Attila Assembly Kit Mod Tools Released
    1. Dote Night: Poking At Patch 6.84
    2. Cod Blops 3 PC Tweetdeets: FOV And Dedicated Servers
    3. Original Origin: EA Giving Away Ultima VIII For Free
    4. Is Deus Ex Still The Best Game Ever? The Conclusion
    5. Release Date Man: Mighty No. 9 Due In September
    6. Wot I Think: Telepath Tactics
    7. Arma 3: The Star Wars Mod That Might Have Been
    8. Wot I Think: Metamorphabet
    9. Silent Running: Shadowrun Chronicles Is Out Now
    10. Why Broken Age Act 2's Story Is An Awful Mess
    11. Packing, Refuelling, And Shopping In Another Hac Gifbomb
    12. Dwarf Fortress Developers Launch Patreon For Support
    13. Are You Going To Play The Witcher 3?
    14. Agent $4.99: Mobile Spin-Off Hitman GO Now On PC, Kinda
    1. Cardboard Children - Elysium
    2. State Of Decay's Remastered Year One Edition Released
    3. Wot I Think: Kalimba
    4. A Little More On A Lack Of Bat-Fever
    5. Nexus Mods On Paid Mods: "This would have caused a rift in Skyrim modding no matter how it was done."
    6. Invite Only: Chris Hecker On SpyParty's Six New Guests
    7. Wot I Think: Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain
    8. Fly Above Your Cities: Skylines Creations In CityCopter
    9. Over The Top: Verdun Charges Out Of Early Access
    10. Deadly Premonition Designer's D4 Coming To PC
    11. Fastbear: Five Nights At Freddy's 4 In Works, Due October
    12. Survival Horror Ashen Falls Is Pretty, Spooky In Concept
    13. It's Rico Time: Just Cause 3's Spectacular Reveal Trailer
    14. Test 'Em Up - Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Benchmark
    15. Valve Drop Steam Paid Mods For Now
    1. Premature Evaluation: Trine 3
    2. Sanctions And Shutouts: Gaming In Annexed Crimea
    3. Oh No, There Goes Tokyo: Kaiju A Gogo Released
    4. The Misery Must End: It's Time For Ladder Jam
    5. Wipeout In All But Name: Formula Fusion Kickstarter
    6. Grand Theft Auto V Rains Whales As Modding Ramps Up
    7. Dirt Rally Announced And In Early Access Right Now
    8. Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Feat. Explosions
    9. Cod Blops 3 Campaign: Co-op, Corridors, & Cyberbees
    10. The RPG Scrollbars: The Game Of The Gamebook
    11. Gabe Newell, Garry Newman Defend Steam's Paid Mods
    12. Brutal Doom V20 Ripping And Tearing Into June
    13. Elite: Dangerous Powerplay Update To Add Faction Wars
    14. Pest Control: Infested Planet Gets New DLC
    15. Wot I Think: Broken Age Act 2
    1. Starbound Gets Most Important Update: Spaceship Pets
    2. Hiveswap Goes Full Cronenberg For Its First Trailer
    3. Car Porn: Project Cars Multiplayer Trailer Is A Menage-A-28
    4. Lube Your Engines: Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Is Out
    5. Algebraic! Adventure Time Becomes A 3D Adventure Game
    6. The Pipwick Papers
    7. The Sunday Papers
    1. Legend of Kay Is Basically Samurai Pizza Cats: The Game
    2. Here's A Nine-Minute Video Of The Witcher 3
    3. Bombs Away: $300K In Prizes At World Of Tanks Finals
    4. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    1. Assemble: The Marvel Gaming Universe
    2. Not Chess - Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Gameplay Trailer
    3. Steam Charging For Mods: For And Against
    4. Wot I Think of The Evil Within's DLC
    5. A History Of The Near-Cyberfuture In Cod Blops 3 Trailer
    6. Lore And Order: Might & Magic Heroes 7
    7. Sling Spells At Chums In Grimoire's Trial Weekend
    8. The Flare Path: Island Hops
    9. Play It Again, Manny: Grim Fandango Remastered OST
    10. Metroidvania Axiom Verge Coming To PC In May
    11. Pole Positioning: Initial Thoughts On Kalimba
    12. Adventures Assemble: Marvel And Telltale
    1. The Most Pointless Hardware In PC Gaming
    2. Gnarly - Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Announced
    3. COGWATCH – 4. The Long Dark
    4. Building A Self-Sufficient City In Cities: Skylines – Part Two
    5. To The Max: Mad Max Gameplay Trailer
    6. Is Deus Ex Still The Best Game Ever? Part Five: Living, Playing, Ending
    7. Busted: Rockstar Restoring Stolen GTA V Online Accounts
    8. HOTS stuff: Here's 1000 Heroes Of The Storm Beta Keys
    9. Day In The Life In Space Game Sonder Goes Episodic
    10. Wot I Think: Dungeons 2
    11. Star Wars: Battlefront Will Aim For Authentic Vwoms
    12. Smite's New Lad: Ah Puch, Horrific God Of Decay
    13. Wot Does Wot: Grand Theft Auto V Graphics Settings Guide
    14. Side-On Slide-O-Cover Shooter Not A Hero Gets A Demo
    1. Dote Night: The Bouncers Of Smite
    2. Flowers And Entropy In Free Game Menagerie
    3. T-minus 22 Days: Galactic Civilizations 3 Gets Release Date
    4. Building A Self-Sufficient City In Cities: Skylines - Part One
    5. Classy Cards: Hand Of Fate DLC
    6. Grand Theft Auto V Update Brings More Fixes
    7. First Look At Total War: Warhammer Is Totally Warhammer
    8. Don't Starve Together Gets Free Reign Of Giants Features
    9. Zut Alors! Killing Floor 2 Hits Steam Early Access
    10. Circular Logic: Demon Dodger Circa Infinity
    11. Praise The Sun! Dark Souls II Fixing Weapon Durability Bug
    12. Tywinning Streak: Charles Dance In The Witcher 3
    13. Cheap Pop: WWE 2K15 Coming To PC Soon
    14. Murders! Total War: Attila Gore DLC Patched To Add Gore
    1. Cardboard Children - Munchkin: Axe Cop
    2. Groundhog Die: Sandbox Timeloop 'Em Up Garbage Day
    3. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Swings Out Today
    4. Is Deus Ex Still The Best Game Ever? Part Four: Fratricide, Gratified And Dissatisfied
    5. Cities: Skylines - The Great Blueness
    6. A GTA V Scrapbook
    7. Cutesy Speedrunning FPS Lovely Planet Has A Demo Now
    8. Death's Gambit Is 2D Dark Soulsvania Of The Colossus
    9. Wot I Think: The Charnel House Trilogy
    10. Wakey Wakey: Old Alan Wake 2 Prototype Revealed
    11. Wot I Think: Convoy
    12. Jazz Jackrabbit Lives
    13. Is It A Bird? Is It A Snake? It's Both, And A Puzzle Game
    14. Kerbal Space Program Is Seven Days Away From Launch
    15. Stealthy Cybermurder: Ronin Demo
    1. Premature Evaluation: Survarium
    2. Daily Challenges In Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition
    3. Ghost Of A Chance: Beetling About In Garden
    4. While We Wait: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    5. $5 Minimum To Graduate From Steam Limited Account Now
    6. Wot I Think - Westerado: Double Barreled
    7. Heroes Of The Storm Release Date Open Beta
    8. Pleasant Puzzling In Free Game Nine
    9. Grand Theft Auto V Patch 1.01 Fixes Usernames, Eyebrows
    10. The RPG Scrollbars Replay: Drakkhen
    11. Cooler Guns: Payday 2 Reworks First-Person Animations
    12. Morphopolis: Gorgeous Point And Click Is Nineteen Pence
    13. Run Through The Internet: Free Platformer 404Sight Out
    14. Rain Check: Mortal Kombat X Character Unlocks
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. The Pipwick Papers
    1. Advertising For The Megacorps: AdvertCity Released
    1. Swinging A Stick: How Landscape And Childhood Are Key To The Continued Popularity Of Fantasy Fiction
    2. MOBA Inspirations: We Meet EVE Valkyrie's Lead Designer
    3. Endless Legend Free On Steam This Weekend
    4. Totes A Moon - Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer And Details
    5. GTA 5 Modding Has Taken Its First Steps Towards Reality
    6. Crypt Of The Necrodancer Hits The Floor On April 23rd
    7. Ray Of Light: Sunset Gets A Release Date
    8. Wot I Belatedly Think: Surface Pro 3
    9. Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Review
    10. The Flare Path: On Bloody Point
    11. Stick It To The Convenant: Halo Spartan Strike Out Now
    12. Google Chrome Browser Update Disables Unity Plugin
    13. Shiny Bang Boom: Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Released
    14. MOT Failure - Carmageddon: Reincarnation Delayed
    1. The Quests That Got Cancelled
    2. Trine 3 Swings Onto Steam Early Access Next Week
    3. How I Lost My Soul In AdVenture Capitalist
    4. Is Deus Ex Still The Best Game Ever? Part Three: Wrongfully Accused
    5. I See You: Colourful Stealth Horror Brighter Day's Demo
    6. Idle Screenplays: Star Wars: Battlefront - Is It A 'Stormtrooper'?
    7. Spooky Ooky: Roguelikelike Immersive Sim Gloomwood
    8. Watch Crytek's Back To Dinosaur Island VR Demo
    9. Let's Do The Timewalk: Revisit Older Dungeons In WoW
    10. Project CARS Has A Release Date Again Again Again Again
    11. BioShock Co-Devs 2K Australia Closing After 15 Years
    12. GTA Ousts Skyrim As Steam's Most Played 3rd Party Game
    13. You Can Complete Deus Ex Mankind Divided Without Killing Anyone, Even The Bosses
    14. Space Hulk: Ascension Expansion Sends In The Deathwing
    1. Dote Night: A Gallery In Three Lanes
    2. Battlefield Bye Bye Bye: EA Closing Four F2P Games
    3. Sidescrolling Stealth Sim: Wildfire
    4. Is Deus Ex Still The Best Game Ever? Part Two: Struggles, Buggles and Reading Huggles
    5. Bang Bang Battleships Boom: Free Game USS Tlancy
    6. Look At Samorost 3 And Feel A Little Happier
    7. Now You'll See It: Invisible Inc Out Next Month
    8. The Child Of Light-iverse Expands
    9. Squad, A Tactical FPS From Ex-Project Reality Folks
    10. Wot I Think: Don't Shoot Yourself
    11. The Great Art Upgrade: Overlooked Bits Of Art/Gaming
    12. Avast: World Of Warcraft Adding Garrison Shipyards
    13. Way Down In The Hole: Tunnel, A Free Soundscape Game
    14. Frozen Cortex Update Adds Draft, Injuries And AI Simming
    1. Cardboard Children: Star Wars - Imperial Assault Expansions
    2. Towering - Cities: Skylines Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies
    3. Hands On: StarCraft II - Legacy Of The Void
    4. Advance Notice Wars: Telepath Tactics Out This Week
    5. A Cities Skylines Succession Diary Part 3 - Firefighting
    6. Realms Of Possibility: Sovereignty - Crown Of Kings
    7. Epic Look At Fortnite's Buildings, Bullets, And Btraps
    8. StarCraft 2: Can You Use Archon Mode To Teach?
    9. Zombify Your Life: Dying Light Mod Tools Released
    10. Hands On: Killing Floor 2
    11. Finish It: Mortal Kombat X Launch Is A Bit Wonky
    12. There's A Workaround For GTA V's Username Issue
    13. Exploration And Reflection In Minkomora
    14. GTA V Is Out: Here's The First Replay Editor Video
    1. Premature Evaluation: Eastside Hockey Manager
    2. Sandstorm: A Game About How CERTAIN Camels Don't Deserve To Have Parties
    3. Bundle Me Up: GOG Sale Starts With RPGs & Adventures
    4. Is Deus Ex Still The Best Game Ever? Part One: Memories And Hardware Renderers
    5. Rise And Shine: Path Of Exile's Expansion The Awakening
    6. Impressions: Rainbow Six: Siege Closed Alpha
    7. Virtual Physical Pool: More On Rust Devs' Arcade Sim
    8. Wot I Think: Titan Souls
    9. Wax On, Wax Off - Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul Announced
    10. The RPG Scrollbars: Spiders In The Dark
    11. Football Manager 2015's Best Players And Bargains
    12. Push The Button: ICBM Is A Free Nuke Launch Control Sim
    13. Kawiteros Is A 2D Platformer Inspired By Shamanism
    14. Little Devil Inside Is Zelda Meets Dark Souls
    15. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Is Getting A Zombie Mode
    1. Here's When GTA 5 Unlocks For PC
    2. New Rust Update Lets You Play Guitar With Your Mouse
    3. A New Reason For League Of Legends Fans To Hate Teemo
    4. The Pipwick Papers
    5. Magicka Wizard Wars Is Going Live On April 28
    6. The Sunday Papers
    7. Now You See It: Kieru's Monochromatic Ninja Multiplayer
    8. Warframe Update Moves Beyond Sharkfin Helmets
    9. You Can Play Guild Wars 2's Stronghold Beta on April 14
    1. Kitty Konquest: Meet Age of Wonders III's Cat People
    1. Electric Dreams, Part 5: Waking Up
    2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer Explains It All
    3. Mars War Logged: The Technomancer Announced
    4. File System Aging 6 – In The Dark
    5. Degradation Keeper: No Pineapple Left Behind
    6. 2 Slow 2 Curious: What It's Like To Visit The Ghostly, Decrepit Streets Of Need For Speed World
    7. F2P Total War Battles: Kingdom Is In Open Beta Now
    8. A Cities: Skylines Succession Diary, Part 2: Necropolis
    9. 20 Thoughts On The Project CARS Renault Trailer
    10. The Flare Path: A Titanic Task
    11. Bang: Arma 3 Fires Big Update Alongside Marksmen DLC
    12. Valve Approves Crawl's Gabe Newell Boss Fight
    13. Bready Steady Go: I Am Bread Pops Out Of Early Access
    14. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Deet-o-rama
    1. ESA Oppose DRM Law Change Preserving Online Games
    2. Buy World Of Warcraft Subs For Gold With WoW Tokens
    3. COGWATCH - 3. Invisible, Inc.
    4. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Reveal Date... Uh... Revealed
    5. Deathshed: Pike And Shot - Tercio To Salvo
    6. Smite Pro Players Nursing Bans Of Up To One Year
    7. Hype 'n' Hallowe'en: LoL Worlds Dates And Venues
    8. Age of Empires II Teases Upcoming Expansion, Camels
    9. Bullet Hell Touhou Series Coming To English For First Time
    10. Breaking History: A Crusader Kings II Journal - Part One
    11. Pupil Becomes Master: Albedo - Eyes From Outer Space
    12. Work The Shaft: Pleasure A Gay Car In Stick Shift
    13. Izle Kickstarter Offers Grapple Hooking On To Clouds
    14. I Blame Society: Bunker Punks, An FPS-RPG-Manage-o-sim
    1. Dote Night: Pip's Cosplay Challenge
    2. Space Beast Terror Fright Breaches Steam Early Access
    3. Roar! Primal Carnage: Extinction Leaves Early Access
    4. A Cities: Skylines Succession Diary, Part 1: Crimewave
    5. Have A Gander At Arcen's Space 4X Stars Beyond Reach
    6. Feast Your Eye-Borgs: Deus Ex - Mankind Divided Trailer
    7. Great Expectations: Deus Ex Mankind Divided
    8. Northern Delights: Games Festival Feral Vector Next Month
    9. Sales, Statistics & Secrecy: Wadjet Respond To SteamSpy
    10. Parnell Confirms Continuing Limit Theory Development
    11. Wot I Think: Dead Synchronicity - Tomorrow Comes Today
    12. Snapchat Probably Teasing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3
    13. Staff Changes: Gollop's Chaos Reborn Gets A Metagame
    14. Far Cry 4 Meets Civilization V In Pagan Min Mod
    15. Bientôt: Killing Floor 2 Due In Early Access This Month
    1. Cardboard Children - April Board Game News
    2. Cat Video-Inspired One Dimensional Dungeon Crawler
    3. Cyberleak: Deux Ex - Mankind Divided Revealed
    4. Two Witcher 3 Paid Expansions Announced
    5. Collaborative Storytelling In Pillars Of Eternity
    6. Ghost In The Shell Online Uncloaking This Year
    7. Wot I Think: War For The Overworld
    8. Connect 4x4: Colour Switch Frustration In Tethernum
    9. Keep On: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia Due May 7
    10. CityCopter Mod Aims To Be SimCopter For Cities: Skylines
    11. The Gifs That Keep On Giffing: Episode 2
    12. Watch First 1/800th Of The Witcher 3, If You Want
    13. Dali's Surrealist Visions In Free Game The Tender Cut
    14. Early No Longer: Running With Rifles Is Out
    15. Live Action Lore: Mortal Kombat - Legacy
    16. Beautiful Nightmare: Doomdream Recreates FPS Dreams
    1. Premature Evaluation: Nosgoth
    2. Breaking History: A Crusader Kings II Journal – Part Two
    3. The RPG Scrollbars: How Long Is Too Long?
    1. Second Life Players Made An MMO Inside Of An MMO
    2. Smite Beefs Up Its God Game With Medusa
    3. Own S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Get It Free And DRM-Free From GOG
    4. The Pipwick Papers
    5. Win Or You Die: Magicka 2 Is Out On May 26th
    6. Wants To Be Instagram For Games
    1. The Witcher 3 Can Take Over 200 Hours
    2. Crawl Turns Gabe Newell Into The Enemy Boss From Hell
    3. Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain Expansion Is Out
    4. Grand Theft Avatar: GTA As Immersive Sim
    5. StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void Closed Beta Is Live
    6. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    1. File System Aging 5 - Something Comes From Space
    2. Trippy, Dreamy Exploration: Gardenarium Released
    3. Cloud Cover Clearing: OnLive Shutting Down
    4. EVE Online's Andie Nordgren: "When People Are Talking A Lot About CCP That Usually Means Something Is Wrong"
    5. Mods, Maxis And Forward Motion: Cities Skylines Interview
    6. The Flare Path: Extravehicular Activity
    7. Blackrock Mountain Guide: Grim Guzzler, Dark Iron Arena & Emperor Thaurissan
    8. The Incredible ARGs Of Victor Vran Helsing
    9. Prepare To Die: Titan Souls Demo Released
    1. Everything I'd Forgotten About Half-Life 2
    2. Your Weapons Are Garbage In The Weaponographist
    3. Animator Brings Dota 2 Faceless Rex Joke To Life
    4. COGWATCH - 2. Chariot
    5. Freshman Year: How A Night Out Can Turn Terrifying
    6. Wot I Think: Infinite Crisis
    7. Bramblelash Wants To Be A Thorn In Your Side
    8. Shiny: Watch This Grand Theft Auto V 60fps PC Trailer
    9. So Hey, Hi & Thanks Supporters, How's It Going?
    10. Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Twists Our Melons
    11. The Definitive Guide To The RPG Inn
    12. 'Positive Female Characters' Is The New Sarkeesian Series
    13. April Fo- Wait, Really? Talos Principle's Serious Sam DLC
    14. Squeaky Clean: Dirt 3 Rinses GFWL Out, Gives Free DLC
    15. Stuff Wot I Have Played Yesterday
    16. Station Vacations: The Spatials
    1. Dote Night: The Influence Of LoL On Smite
    2. Hex-A-Decimate: Battlelore Command
    3. Ultra Rapid Fire Skill Spam Returns To League Of Legends
    4. How To Remake Dungeon Keeper
    5. Big HotS: Heroes Of The Storm's Big Head Mode
    6. Grav Gun Rocketjumping In HL2 Mod Transmissions
    7. SUPERQOT: Play Quake With SUPERHOT's Time Mechanic
    8. Nevermind Seeks Early Access Biofeedback Feedback
    9. Turn-Based Steampunk Shooting: SteamWorld Heist Trailer
    10. The RPS Verdict - Cities: Skylines
    11. Game Of The Month: April - Cities: Skylines
    12. Geometry Wars 3 Evolves In Big Free Content Patch
    13. Ghostly Bartending In Summon The Apgrod
    14. Flutter Bombs: A Weaponised Butterfly WIP
    15. Stuff Wot I Have Played Yesterday