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Cod Blops 3 Campaign: Co-op, Corridors, & Cyberbees

Back in black

The Icarus 'jump from rooftops and land like it's no big deal' augmentation from Deus Ex: Human Revolution may be ousted as my favourite cyberupgrade. Activision gave a peek at Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 [official site] over the weekend, and you guys: you can have a cyberarm containing a cyberhive of cyberbees that swarm enemies. I shall name my arm The Buzzness.

Along with dropping a new trailer with snippets of gameplay, Activision started talking about its campaign. With customisable characters (including ladies!) and perks, it'll support co-op and gosh oh golly won't always be in such restrictive corridors. So they say, anyway.

Cover image for YouTube video

Oh, it's all very po-faced, but doesn't that look kinda cool? I'm pretty into that. In short, something bad is happening in the future and you're a cool cybersoldier who's out to stop it with cool cyberguns - including, of course, morphing arm guns.

Sites like PC Gamer, Eurogamer, and Shacknews (and more, but three will mostly cover you) got to play at a recent event. To briefly sum up: it's got wall-running, dodging, and other movement tricks; co-op players get to customise the looks and abilities of their cybersoldier; one ability lets you hack and hijack drones, which sounds ace; and the campaign is still linear but not so corridor-y given that it has room four four players. Beyond that, yeah, it's Call of Duty. Go have a read if you fancy more. (I'm out of touch with the multiplayer side of CoD so I defer to their more-expert opinions)

Cod Blops 3 is due on the 6th of November.

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