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Cod Blops 3 Mod Tools Launch Into Open Beta


The next Call of Duty may be only five weeks from launching, but last year's model is about to get a new lease on life. Developers Treyarch last night launched the long-awaited Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 [official site] mod tools into open beta, letting people create and play with custom levels, weapons, and modes - y'know, mods. Treyarch still have a bit of work to do, but now the tools are available to all players, rather than a handful of testers. Get cracking!

Mods can be played through Custom Game lobbies or the Unranked Server Browser. Check this official guide for more on how to start finding and playing them (though the Cod Blops 3 Steam Workshop seems to be coming and going right now?).

The mod tools will appear in owners' Steam Library under the Tools section. If you fancy making something yourself, look to this guide for the very basics. You'll still need to teach yourself modelling or using Radiant (yep, still on that fine ol' level editor) or whatnot but hey, isn't that half the fun of modding?

You don't need to download the tools to play mods, mind - only to create them.

"The tools and related in-game features are all still in Beta testing phase so expect some updates along the way," Treyarch said in the launch announcement. "Your feedback will be very valuable in helping us find and address the most important issues, so thank you in advance for your support!"

To mark this launch, Cod Blops 3 is half-price on Steam. It's down to £19.99 until Monday.

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