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Adventures Assemble: Marvel And Telltale

Coming in...2017

Oh. OH! Telltale are working with Marvel.

Almost every time I mention a Telltale game, I go off on a tangent about the next license I'd like to see them working with. Sometimes I'll say Mad Men or Reservoir Dogs because I think that's funny and hip, sometimes I'll say Dr Who because that seems like a thing that actually might happen. Somehow, I've never put Marvel Comics forward though - I figured there were probably too many companies involved with their own licensing agreements for that to happen. Ever. But here it is. Or here it will be, in 2017.

It's just a graphic with two company names on it and a release date more than a year away. But surely it was only a matter of time before the tendrils of the Marvel Universe found their way into gaming. Properly into gaming, I mean, not in pinball tables and match-3 cleverphone games. Comics, films, television and (presumably) an episodic ongoing character-based game series. It could be the perfect match, even if there's a slight disappointment that the end product will almost certainly be a Marvel-flavoured version of something we've become very familiar with.

And, hey, if this series is a commercial success (that's the most redundant 'if' I've ever written) then maybe The Big M will finally make that Freedom Force meets X-COM game I've been banging on about for the last ten years.

Lines I'd like to see: "Professor X will perform psychic surgery to ensure that nobody remembers this."

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