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Pleasant Puzzling In Free Game Nine

Nice nice

How do you feel about games like Samorost and Windosill? You know, quiet, gentle puzzlers in surreal worlds which follow their own rules. The sort of game where solving a puzzle is often simply a happy side-effect of playing with something interesting, and you don't mind if what you've been fiddling with isn't the correct solution, because the interaction alone is pleasing. Those games. Do you like them?

If so, do have a peek at Nine [official site]. Released last week for free and playable in your browser, it is one of those games. I enjoyed it.

Nine sees a little prince in a grid of nine small rooms, each quite different to each other, with a locked door on each side. The nine rooms hide keys for the doors, which reveal... pleasant things. I'd like to go on about specific things you'll discover but finding them for yourself is a treat, yeah? But the treasure chest and the cat are lovely, aren't they?

Creator Noah Berkley also shared on Tumblr two rooms that were cut from the final version.

This isn't strictly connected, but while we're celebrating Pleasant Quiet Things Monday here at RPS, Pip would probably be disappointed if I didn't also link to her post this morning saying Morphopolis is on sale for £0.19 for a few more hours.

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