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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Deet-o-rama


I am, as you well know, always up for being a cool cyborg. Obviously I am jolly keen to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] and pop my cybergoggles out after saying something cool, but quite how cool will my cyberman get to be this time around? The announcement trailer had a few hints but it was all gussied up, so how real is it? If you want solid details now, you'll need to wait on the magazine run by the USA's largest games retailer. Or wait for someone to read that and summarise it online. They already have.

Like: yep, it does still have boss battles. And: it'll draw from all of Human Revolution's endings. Also: heck yeah that is a P.E.P.S. electrogun popping out of Adam's arm.

NeoGAF forum poster shinobi602 has recapped the preview from the latest issue of Game Informer, and I'll recap their recap. Onwards!

  • Side quests should be more meaningful, opportunities to explore the game's themes and maybe not just fetch stuff for people. Some may have lasting effects too, like a mob boss calling in a favour while you're on a different mission later. But can I call him later and interrupt his bubblebath to chat about TV and music? We do not yet know (no).
  • Yep, you'll get to sneak or shoot your way through everything as you please, along with the usual array of shortcuts for bribing and sweet-talking folk and exploring and all that. Though they tried to improve the shooty-shoots.
  • Those boss battles will supposedly let folks take approaches other than straight-up face-shooting, though, which was one of the changes made to Human Revolution in its Director's Cut. I dream that simply running away will be an option, like I'd often do for some Deus Ex boss battles.
  • AI enemies should be more aggressive, and have more weapons and augmentations and whatnot to make them more varied. Also, ladies join the roster of regular enemies, which is nice. Many of my favourite cyborg killers are ladies.
  • They're planning a wider variety of environments.
  • The story's building into the setup of the original Deus Ex, obvs, and it sounds like they're teasing new revelations for that and whatnot. It sounds like they're combining bits of every ending from HR rather than settling on one. It'll see Adam joining Task Force 29, a new branch of Interpol, but also throwing his lot in with a shadowy organisation named the Juggernaut Collective.
  • But for me, it's all about that P.E.P.S. gun. I greatly enjoyed blasting folks with it in Human Revolution, but ammo was too scarce and stockpiling took too much space. If it's in his arm, yes, lovely, wonderful. I may never tire of transforming armguns.

That's me done. The forum post has plenty more, so go have a gander if you're curious. Odds and ends are due to be trickled onto Game Informer's site over the next month too.

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