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A History Of The Near-Cyberfuture In Cod Blops 3 Trailer

Go go gadget legs

One detail I enjoy in the world of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is that once cybernetics truly take off, the Paralympics eclipse the Olympics because cyborgs are way cooler. The cybered-up future envisioned in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 [official site] is a bit more boring. 2028 for the milestone of a lady with robolegs winning a gold medal against two with meatsticks seems unimaginative, not to mention unfair to the lowly meatbags.

Anyway, anyway, if you're wondering about the path to cyberfuture, cybersoldiers, and genome soldiers that Blops 3 will follow, here, this new trailer's a spot of speculative cyberfiction that might entertain until this year's CoD is given its big reveal on Sunday.

The shift to the future means that, hopefully, they can carry on with the double-jumping and dodging introduced with CoD: Advanced Warfare's exoskeletons. Though CoD jumps around history and the near-future, its movement capabilities mostly stayed the same for years. It would be odd - and a shame - if they removed such a big change straight away. Still, I imagine the series will go back to the past at some point, and will need to figure out how to make up for that. Maybe after a few years' rest for CoD, folks will be happy to run on plain old meatsticks.

Beyond a future setting with cybersoldiers, all we really know for now is that developers Treyarch are working their zombie mode mojo again. Publishers Activision are planning a big reveal this weekend, which I imagine will involve a whole load of pre-rendered cutscenes and BWAAAAMP! noises, even though BWAAAAMP! is so 2010. For now, the cyberfuture:

Cover image for YouTube video

(Yes, the Deus Ex folks have seen it.)

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