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TIE Fighter & X-Wing Collector's Editions Now On GOG

The best around

Star Wars versions are a serious concern to fanatics. Really you should watch the LaserDisc versions of the original trilogy, so I hear. The same goes for versions with certain Star Wars games. It was nice that GOG dug up X-Wing and TIE Fighter, and nicer that they included the original floppy disc versions as well as their 1998 revisions, but what about the CD-ROM versions from 1994 and 1995? According to Those Who Know, those are the best versions of the two space sims.

GOG have rummaged around again, and dug them up yesterday. If you own X-Wing or TIE on GOG, you'll now find you have their Collector's Edition versions too. May April 29th be with you.

The X-Wing Collector's Edition brings it over to TIE Fighter's newer engine, with fancier graphics, a little redesigning, extra missions, and voiceovers. TIE Fighter's CE brought more voiceovers, and bumped the resolution from 320x200 to 640x480. Both came with their expansions too. What makes these versions better than the 3D-accelerated versions of 1998's X-Wing Collector Series? Well, the CE used LucasArts' lovely dynamic music system iMUSE, making the soundtrack respond to in-game events, while the '98 versions looped plain old recorded scores. The mid-nineties versions looked a bit cleaner too.

This being Star Wars, I'm certain I have made a minor mistake with those details and someone will correct me with disproportionate blind screaming fury.

To mark these new additions, GOG are holding a big Star Wars fly 'em up bundle sale, or have knocked $1 off their individual prices if you want to buy them seperately.

TIE Fighter and X-Wing also launched on Steam this week but only with the 1993/1994 and 1998 versions. Psssh! Amateurs.

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