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Side-On Slide-O-Cover Shooter Not A Hero Gets A Demo

Sliding around

The release of a demo for Not A Hero [official site] is wrapped up in a marketing campaign with a load of guff about UK politics and Nigel Farage and immigrants and fake hackings but look, let's ignore all that. It's a side-on shooter where you can duck into cover and slide and murder men in cool ways, made by OlliOlli folks Roll7, so let's set that baffling angle aside and focus on the fact that it has a demo out now and is pretty fun.

The demo's on Steam (look for the 'Download Demo' button on that jumble of a storefront) and Dropbox ahead of the game's release on May 7th.

To lazily compare it to some games so you get a vague idea, ooh, let's say Gunpoint and Hotline Miami. There are closer comparisons to be drawn, I'm sure, but you get the idea: it's side-on, a bit sneaky, a bit bloody, and about trying to plot an ideal way through short levels and combat situations then hastily changing that plan when you cock it up.

Not A Hero has the twist of a cover system, sending characters ducking behind obstacles between shots, but this becomes far less effective as more enemy types - and straight-up more enemies - enter the battlefield. Sliding around, into cover or knocking people over, is a right lark.

I played an early build at Rezzed last year and quite enjoyed myself once I got used to the controls (my fingers do not feel comfortable using C to shoot, X to slide, V to bomb, and space to reload), though I did crash it because I was just so good at murdering men, yeah? This new demo offers four levels made-over with a zany marketing twist.

Not A Hero is due out for Windows on May 7th, priced at £9.99. Have a trailer, which might explain more of why it's going all cheeky politics:

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