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Not Just Yet: Not A Hero Gets Delayed A Week

Slidey shooty arcadey action

Bad news, to my fellow PC Brethren who've had their eyes and hearts clocked to May 7th as the release date for Not A Hero [official website], that side-on shooter from the dudes behind OlliOlli.

You're going to have to wait exactly seven additional days before you see that baby, which granted isn't much of a wait. Just think of all the things you can do instead! Paint a room, think about dogs, and so on.

The week-long delay is for additional tweaks and testing on a tech update, said Roll7. And it's quite a hefty update, one "which brought the action from a dull and dreary 30fps to a pants tingling 60fps." reads a statement from the company. "It's like the game is licking your eyeballs now."

Not unless it plans to buy me dinner first.

"Throughout the rigorous beta testing phase of Not A Hero, the most consistent feedback was to increase the frame rate to 59 frames per second," said producer Simon Bennett. "Well, we went a step further and took Not A Hero up to 60 frames per second. You're welcome."

Not A Hero is a "point-scoring, man-murdering, pixel-bleeding, die/restart run and gun game, it’s also a cover shooter," said Alice so pointedly last year. The game sees a professional assassin-turned-amateur campaign manager try to clean up a city for a new mayoral candidate.

A demo's available on Steam and through these mirrors. The game's now due on May 14th.

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