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Humble Devolver Bundle: Not A Hero, Titan Souls & Talos

Don't forget Dropsy

The games that fly under publisher Devolver Digital's banner are often funny, sometimes silly, and always quirky. Frantic shooter Not A Hero revels in its messy, hedonistic chaos; Dropsy tells the tale of sad, social misfitting clown; and The Talos Principle is a wonderful game about philosophy and mind-boggling puzzles, to name but a few. The Humble Devolver Bundle has them all and more and is live right now.

In standard Humbley Bundley fare, you can pay what you want for some games, and fork out a little more for others. A Fistful of Gun, Gods Will Be Watching, and Ronin make up the pay what you want tier, and I'd highly recommend the latter - a cool mix of real-time stealthiness and turn-based sword combat that looks a wee bit like Gunpoint but plays rather differently. You're a cyberpunk assassin, for one. Say no more.

For less than a fiver - $4.65 at the time of writing - you can bag yourself the aforementioned Not A Hero and Dropsy, as well as Shadow Warrior: Special Edition. This tier also nets you a 50% off coupon for The Talos Principle, which is normally £29.99 on the Humble Store.

If you're feeling especially flush and are willing to fork over a whole ten dollars - and bear in mind Humble Bundle supports a number of charities; this time Games Aid and Care Box Program - Titan Souls and Hatoful Boyrfriend: Holiday Star can be yours too. One of these games is about fighting huge, bumbling, horrifying monsters equipped with nothing but a bow and arrow. The other is about dating pigeons. Both are really good, as told by our Wot I Thinks both here and here.

The Humble Devolver Bundle is live for the next 12 days with "more games coming soon!", apparently.

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