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Feature: Disc can't go unplayed

Disc Room review

I’d put two thumbs up if they weren’t busy dodging jagged platters of death. Disc Room is Nokia’s snake for those who shrug off mortality. Devil Daggers for people who want to set their FOV to 360 degrees. Anyone who has lived for eons in the seven circles of bullet hell might play it happily and shelve it alongside some good ones. It might even…

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Devolver Digital have acquired Serious Sam developers Croteam

Not-so-serious publishers Devolver Digital have announced today in a not-so-serious post that they've acquired Serious Sam developers Croteam. Seriously. Well, the tone of the announcement isn't serious but it has seriously happened. It's a business love story for the books.

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Fall Guys is getting a Sonic skin so I am requesting a Kiryu costume

As it was foretold by the dataminers, now it shall come to pass. Bouncy bean competition game Fall Guys is getting a Sonic The Hedgehog costume later this week. It's the latest of several game series crossovers that have made it into the game as unlockable skins. Now that Sega is at the table, I have a humble suggestion for a couple other characters that…

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout finally tumbles into Season 2

Gather ye longswords and witchy hats, stumble chums. Ye olde bean-basher Fall Guys just got a whole lot more medieval with the arrival of the game's second season. Charging into wibbly wobbly battle today, Mediatonic have freshened up their fumble royale with a king's bounty of new stages, costumes, features and more, each flaunting a frightfully feudal flair.

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Watch out, Big Yeetus – Thicc Bonkus is heading to Fall Guys

I cannot forgive Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for making me write that headline. With Season 2 of Mediatonic's bean-stumbling battle royale just around the corner, the devs have announced another randomly-appearing obstacle designed to pop out of nowhere and ruin your day, following up on last season's giant hammer with a massive new spike-covered roller. There's just, well, something about the name.

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Disc Room launches its hectic death traps on October 22nd

Disc Room, the very frightening series of deadly rooms full of circular sawblades, fires up the player grinder later this month. October does seem like the proper time for all that slice-y gore, sure enough. Devolver Digital have announced that you can begin dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodging through the game on October 22nd.

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Yup, this new Fall Guys level sure looks like some fresh hell

It wouldn't be a medieval season without a proper gauntlet, would it? Mediatonic have been offering bits of information about Fall Guys season two over the last few weeks and have now dropped this preview for one of the new levels. Knight Fever is a new obstacle course level with all sorts of fresh new contraptions to torture your little beans in shining armor when…

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The lovely Pikuniku is free on the Epic Games Store at the mo

This may be the month of ghosts and ghoulies, but we should still make time for gags and good times. To that end, do grab this week's Epic Games Store freebie if so inclined, it's Pikuniku. Released last year, it's a lovely platforming explore-o-puzzler starring a wee blob with little kicking legs. Frankly, just watching those sticky feet is enough to cheer me up. And…

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Fall Guys stumbles into season two on October 8th

As they do, Mediatonic have been dripping out details about Fall Guys season two before it lands this month. Torturous new obstacles and maps are coming when the fumble royale game goes medieval. Now at last we know the second season begins on October 8th. As a treat, there will be a few days of double experience points beforehand in case you need to wrap up…

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Serious Sam 4 has hotfixed some crashes, with performance improvements to come

A little shouting is to be expected when playing a Serious Sam game, considering one of the enemies is a headless fella with bombs for hands who'll come charging over the horizon with an "aaaAAAAAAAAA!", but Croteam's latest circle-strafing shooter did bring some bad shouting too. When Serious Sam 4 launched last Thursday, some players were yelling at technical issues including crashes and poor performance.…

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Fall Guys mid-season update adds remixed levels and a giant hammer

Fall Guys, evidently, did not have enough hammers in it. With a few weeks still to go before the game goes castle crashing into its next season, Mediatonic are bringing out the toolkit for a mid-season update. Today's patch shakes up the bouncy battle royale with remixed levels and the irregular appearance of a colossal spectral mallet called "Big Yeetus".

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Fall Guys used to banish cheaters to secret cheater-only servers

As is the way with competitive multiplayer games, cheaters gonna cheat their way to cheap wins. Fall Guys is no different, despite appearing adorable and lighthearted. Folks really want those crowns without breaking a sweat. Mediatonic have revealed a now-closed secret set of servers where cheaters were once banished. They've shut it down now, but cheaters will still be getting the boot with some new…

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Fall Guys charity contest earns $1 million pledge to Special Effect

Two weeks ago, Mediatonic challenged popular gaming brands and personalities to a charity bidding war. The prize would be a Fall Guys skin dedicated to the one that pledged the highest donation to gaming accessibility organisation Special Effect. The contest has run its course and Mediatonic have declared a $1 million (£748k) group pledge the winner.

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Serious Sam 4 will let you pilot the Pope’s personal mech

I had heard that Serious Sam 4 would let us drive a Popemobile. I had not heard that the Popemobile in question is a giant heavily-armed mech whose boot-up sequence dialogue concludes, "All systems ready. Let God sort them out." A new trailer hot out of Gamescom today shows the Popemobile in action, smashing a tentacle monster in the middle Vatican City and alright, yup,…

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Fall Guys season 2 will get medieval on your ass in October

A whole lot of medieval foolishness with knights, dragons, castles, and drawbridges is coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with season 2 in October. Developers Mediatonic today gave a small peek at what's to come and yeah, it looks like more Fall Guys - which the main thing Fall Guys needs, really, just more of itself.

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Fall Guys disables Steam Family Sharing to boot out cheaters

Why someone would cheat in a light-hearted game about jelly beans throwing themselves down obstacle courses is beyond me. Yet, Fall Guys seems to be rife with these losers. If you've not seen it yourself, some players have felt the need to use cheats in the colourful battle royale that allow them to fly over levels to nab themselves a cheap win. Mediatonic have already…

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Serious Sam: The First Encounter is free on GOG until Wednesday

Sam Stone Cold Serious has a new adventure Serious Sam 4 coming out shortly but if you're looking for a bit of the old before you sample the new, you can grab Serious Sam: The First Encounter free to keep. It's free for just two days as part of GOG's autumn sale. A deal so good you just want to "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

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Fall Guys will debut a sneak peek at season 2 next week

I've barely made my way to level 12 of 40 in the first season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout so of course Mediatonic are already talking about teasing the second. Would you all give me a minute? I need to earn at least one crown the proper way before you sweep me into some fresh hell. A sneak peek at what's coming next will debut…

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Fine, Fall Guys is probably a better name than Stumble Chums

Would Fall Guys have been half as popular if it'd been called Fool's Gauntlet? How about Stumble Chums? I'm quite fond of the latter myself, so it's probably for the best I'm not Jeff Tanton. The Mediatonic creative director today posted a whimsical dive into Fall Guys' early life, winding a wobbly trail through concept art, ditched names and winning over publishers with Japanese gameshow…

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Streamer TimTheTatman finally won at Fall Guys so maybe there’s hope for me too

I don't even watch "TimTheTatman"s Twitch streams and I'm well aware that he's been struggling for over a week to win a single game of Fall Guys - Ultimate Knockout. As a big name streamer, or so I gather, Tim wasn't allowed to suffer in silence. Oh no, his repeated and shameful failures were commented on by his viewers, his streaming friends, Twitch, and even…

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