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Geometry Wars 3 Evolves In Big Free Content Patch

Pew pew!

The new Sierra might only be Activision wearing a different hat, but something about that hat is making them behave nicer. Leaving for the office in the morning, they catch their reflection and think "Yeah, you got it." Then they reach work and release a hefty content patch for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions [official site] for free - not as some wacky DLC season pass pre-order perk.

Slapping the game with the new subtitle Dimensions Evolved, yesterday's patch added new levels, boss battles, a tougher difficulty mode. Yeah, you work that hat, Ian Activision.

The full list of shiny things new to Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions evolved is 40 extra levels, a new drone, a new super ability named the Detonator, and a 'Hardcore' mode. That's got 20 levels with their own leaderboards, and doesn't let players use a drone or super.

Sierra also note that "Adventure mode's progression requirements have also been rebalanced to make it significantly easier for players to unlock and advance through the full experience." Good-o.

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GW3 is made by Lucid Games, a studio formed by folks from series developers Bizarre Creations after it shut down but without key GW folks like creator Stephen Cakebread. Rich Stanton noted in our review last year, "Though what it adds doesn't do much for me, what it brings from GW2 is simply brilliant, looks better than ever, and has never been on PC before – and everyone should try Pacifism mode at least once in their life."

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