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Polygonal Pew Pew - Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

A zappy new trailer

Activision reviving the Sierra name for a new supposed "indie" label is awfully cynical, but one can't really grumble when it's tied to a new Geometry Wars (and a new King's Quest, if you fancy). Geometry Wars is a fine arena shoot 'em up, so I'm wary but hopeful about Geometry Wars³: Dimensions. Series creator Stephen Cakebread isn't involved and it's making a move from 2D arenas to wrapping around 3D objects, hence wary. Still, devs Lucid Games were formed by folks from Geometry Wars makers Bizarre Creations, and one or two Lucid folks touched the series. Watching a new trailer, I think... I want to give GW3 a crack when it arrives on November 25th.

The 3D part sounded offputting, but the action seems still essentially in 2D as ships, shots and everything wrap around the object. You could turn them into regular 2D arenas, but it'd be hell figuring out the projection. I really do enjoy seeing shots sending prickly polygonal distortions rippling across the wireframe. But it does have plain old 2D arenas too.

GW3D also brings "revamped" co-op, and introduces online competitive multiplayer. Sure, that sounds nice. Here, watch this:

Alice Fact #32: Geometry Wars was the game that taught me how to play games with two thumbsticks on an Xbox 360 controller, after I'd barely played with any gamepad since the Sega Mega Drive. Geometry Wars and Gears of War 2. All of the wars.

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